Reception Entertainment ideas, anyone????
We are looking for unique ideas for the reception as entertainment for guests. The last wedding I was in, they had a character artist and a candy bar. I liked both of those ideas but don?t want to use them b/c I?ll feel like copying off of her ideas being that she will also be in my wedding. But I would really like something neat/different for the guests, any ideas?

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InStyle Event Company

InStyle Event Company
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Not sure if your into Ice cream but maybe having someone to pass out scoops of ice cream then have chocolate syrup and whip cream and nuts or a variety of whatever you put on top. Or a chocolate fountain with a mixture of goodies. Good luck!

Happy Crew Productions - DJ Company Specializing in Fun!
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How about choreographing a funny wedding dance with your bride's maids and groomsmen. I love this one:

You can also start taking ballroom dance classes now and choreograph your first dance as husband and wife. I've seen some really cute first dances!

Enjoy your special day to the fullest!


Susie Figueroa
Happy Crew Productions - DJ Company Specializing in Fun!

FMS, the barefoot wife!
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I'm suggusting what Im doing b/c a) I love the idea b) i never seen it done, You and your new hubby play the newlywed game! Have your MC or BM/MOH ask the questions,
I also like the idea of a photo booth, you cen even get ones that do 'da vinci' style sketches...If i think of anything else I'll let you know

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i was going to do the newlywed game with me and my FH, my parents, and his parents.. he said his parents probably wouldn't go for it.. maybe i can have the adoptive parents do it.... but it sounds like it'd be fun.

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Thanks for the ideas. We are currently taking ballroom lessons so we should be ready for our first dance. I really like the newlywed game, we have played it before with a few other couples. How do you two plan to work that into the reception, will it be just for a select few couples off to the side? Or will it be fore everyone to play for a certain time frame?

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I'm considering having a belly dancer or salsa dancers to entertain for half an hour

FMS, the barefoot wife!
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Well. It will be just me and my FH playing the game, We'll do it after supper/before the first dance & cake cutting, The MOH & Best Man will be asking the questions, (all pre answered and wrote on poster board of course) We will be seated on the small stage where the Dj is so everyone could see us, I was also going to do a decorated area where people could take family photos and such.

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I want to have a choreographed dance like tango or something sexy instead of the regular first dance. I personally want it too be a surprise so no one will know about it until its time. It will definitely be entertaining!

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Good ideas here. I was also wondering what to do at the reception for guests who do not like to dance since we have a DJ.

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My son is teaching me a special dance for him and I to do since my FH doesn't dance. Plus my son started to do Ballroom dancing in school and won his 1st compition. I love the idea because it makes him feel like he has a really big part in our wedding since he is 12. He also said he is going to get everyone up for a west coast swing line dance which should be fun.
I like everyone elses idea of the newly wed game too

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I love the photo booth rental idea! I think that would be really cool...not sure how much it is, but the guests would enjoy it!
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I have seen a magician do a wonderful job during cocktails. The magician had a magic box and when I introduced the couple, the came out of the magic box. It was really cool. Probably the neatest introduction I have ever done!
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LVPhotoParty Las Vegas Photobooth Rentals

Vegas Photo Booth LV Photo Party
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LVPhotoParty and Las Vegas Photobooth Rentals specializes in custom photobooths for weddings with changing backdrops and custom props. We can do a photo guestbook on-site and can add the Bride and Groom's names to each photo. We have custom photo holders that make great take-away gifts and can customize any package to fit your budget needs. Please check out our page on Wedding Wire or for more information.
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I've seen Cold Stone at other events and they do a great job! If you're interested in our photo booth, it's a great way to take care of entertainment, party favors, the photo guest book, and thank yous all in one. I think the entertainment aspect is sometimes overlooked, but it's usually the one thing everyone from your reception will remember. Happy Planning!
The Traveling Photo Booth

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Google: Human Bingo. Looks pretty cool. Btw, photo booths run at least $200 an hour. I wanted one but cant afford it. : (

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My friend had a 'Giant Colouring-in' mural at her wedding. You get a personalised piece of art made for you by a professional artist., which is hand drawn with black outlines. Then everyone gets to colour it in with paint pens. The end result looks amazing and it really made everyone have a giggle, get creative, involved, get chatting and it brought the party together! The company that makes them is called Fancy Features!

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There are all sorts of dessert bars or favor bars you can chose from. Check out my Pintrest page for some fun ideas

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