Reception Disagreement!
So my fiance' and I are completely opposite on our choice for hosting the reception. He wants an outdoor reception but I would much more prefer an indoor one. Are there any compromises that you can think of that might make us both happy? :(

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Maybe find a venue that has an outdoor area/veranda so guests can go outside as well.....

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I prefer indoor events. You can guarantee that weather will not interfere and, as someone allergic to bees, you can have a far more safe reception.

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We first planned for an outdoor reception, but kinda thought about the weather, and bugs, and what not. Now I'm more relaxed, because i know my guest will be comfortable inside.

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You can do a tent maybe? Or just find a venue that has outdoor areas. i prefer indoor because outside can be so tricky (weather, bugs, etc)

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He wants an outdoor reception cuz he's a man and doesn't think about the drawbacks. Definitely discuss with him about possible issues. It being too hot, too cold, too humid, possible rain, windy, allergies, facilities (possible need to rent porta potties which lets face it is not good for a wedding.) but if you really want to accommodate him just do it outside but with a tent with those are through walls instead if draped/fabric.

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I believe the best compromise is to find a venue with an outdoor area attached to an indoor reception room or hall. I love the idea of a reception outside, but with other factors to consider, the two of you have a better chance inside with the option of a veranda, porch, etc. Has your fiance' considered having an outdoor rehearsal dinner or cocktail hour?

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This is a photo of our reception area - maybe something like this may work as a compromise?

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WHY does he want an outdoor reception, and WHY do you want it indoor?

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I'm guessing early September in Austin is still pretty hot, so you could try that angle with him... I'd suggest finding a venue with beautiful outdoor space and an indoor space or two as well. We did that and had a big fancy tent outside for the reception. Our heat and humidity near DC isn't as rough as it is in Texas, though.
Having the indoor space with A/C so people can cool off is a nice option if you can swing it.

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My brother had an outdoor wedding in a tent with all 4 walls attached that could all be closed should it have rained...they had portable washrooms just outside which were beautiful (I'm not kidding, that's why I didn't call them porta-potties). They were in a trailer, they had running water, chandeliers, and it was all porcelain...inside the tent you couldn't tell that it was outdoors at all other than the sun shining was set up just like a banquet hall...depending on the budget you may be able to compromise on venue a bit...I would google outdoor venues in your area and see if anything catches your eye because I'm assuming most of the other wedding items are being picked by you (like colours, BM dresses, flowers, decor etc)

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Here's the happy medium I found. We are having cocktail hour outside on the patio of the country club with nice views of the greens and lake. Then, we all move inside for dinner and dancing...but the access to the outside is still available for those that want to wander outside and hang out.

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I am having it in a tent with as many windows as possible so we can see the pond and trees which I hope are covered in snow. Sabrina, I am paying for bathrooms in trailer. I haven't seen them yet so I am glad to hear they were nice.

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We're doing our cocktail hour outside but the reception inside. And the room that we're using is almost all glass so it has an outdoor feel.
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Remind him that HE will be very hot in a tux or suit in TX in early Sept.

We had our ceremony outside and reception inside -- maybe he'd agree to that. It would give you an indoor ceremony option in case it rained.
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Outdoor anything without a tent planned is going to be hot for guests, have the possibility of insects and rain, etc. In September if I remember correctly, Texas gets cold once the sun goes down. Guests that were hot earlier will now be cold, and you might have to bring in heaters. It's so much easier to have cocktail hour on a patio (or indoors if raining) and the rest of the reception inside where people aren't hot/cold.

If he's not buying it, show him what the vendors are saying. We've been through this most often as brides, and many times as vendors. Good luck! :)
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Speaking as someone who sees a lot of events, and the good and bad ways to set them up, and with all due respect to your fiance.........he's wrong.

In addition to the obvious, it's going to be blistering hot in Austin, TX in September, splitting a reception setup like that makes it virtually impossible to "gain focus" on the event. It will be difficult to get everybody gathered for cake, bouquet, garter, and toasts. Not to mention, just try being a DJ with a split setup. It doesn't matter how hard you push and how dead-center you put the playlist, there are just too many people going in too many directions.

Speaking as a man who has been married for 25 years, he doesn't want to live with the grief you're going to give him, for years to come, after his bad idea has messed up your special day. Good luck with it.

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Thanks everyone! Your replies have helped me work with my fiance' in coming to a conclusion that makes us both happy. :D
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