Reception Decor Ideas
Here are a few ideas I want for my reception and the way I want it to look. Not sure if I will go with balloons, All flowers or Ostrich Feathers. What will your reception decor look like?

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Married: 06/11/2011
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My colors are orange and green

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These are all great! The balloons definately offer a different "feel" to the event, still elegant but more playful! Feathers, flowers, or balloons, your reception will be beautiful!!

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That is da bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Those r pictures of my dream wedding. Will be decorating myself.
Colors: Ivory n Royal Blue

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Thanks ladies yes I really want that "wow" feeling when I walk in.

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@Chandra Ivory n Royal Blue is going to be beautiful

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My opinion is balloons are birthdays and baby the feather look! The draping is pretty too but can be costly..its labor intensive..

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Definitely wow factor potential... I' have a thing against balloons at a wedding, but these definitely changed my mind.

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@Amy W. you have a good point thanks
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I'm a florist and I would just like to suggest... instead of the feathers which can get a little pricey. You might want to consider using the tall eiffel vases but also Dendrobium green orchids...and then maybe filling up the water in the vase with orange coloring. That way you get both your colors and it's affordable and elegant.

Wish you the best!

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@AwesomeDesigns thanks for the idea. I will look into that

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All these ideals are great ones. I need help locating Ivory n Royal Blue Doves not live ones.
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