Recently Engaged *2-20-10* Blue & Silver Winter Wedding
Blue and Silver ideas please for a December wedding. EVERYTHING WILL BE HELPFUL!!! :)

Married: 05/21/2011
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Married: 05/14/2011
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Wow!! Those are my colors.

Married: 05/21/2011
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I'm very excited they look BEAUTIFUL together!


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Yes a perfect idea for December wedding, recently shot one where they had centerpieces with long branches covered in white "like snow" and flowers all the way at the bottom. It looked like a winter fairytale. (picture available if interested)

Married: 05/21/2011
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yes picture please!

Married: 06/27/2010
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Married: 09/18/2010
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Congrats!! I love those colors together

Married: 09/04/2010
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Congrats on the engagement! I just got engaged on the 20th also :) I love those colors for a winter wedding. I'm not sure how close to Christmas your wedding is, but maybe you could use blue and silver christmas tree bulbs as part of your centerpieces? My sister did her Christmas tree in blue and silver a couple years ago and it was gorgeous. And maybe for dresses you could have silver BM dresses with a blue waist sash? Just a couple ideas.

Dream Wedding Vendor

Budget Bride
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First of all, I love your color scheme and congrats on your engagement. I have a wedding accessory collection that would go perfectly with your wedding idea its at
Its called Snowflake Charm set. I would also do lots of white lights at your reception and mirrors on the tables under your centerpieces you choose.

Angelbelle Design

AngelBelle Photography
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Love the color combo lots of choices with invitiations, you could have shimmer silver as the background with navy blue writing or go for the opposite and have navy as the background and silver writing.. or use both one combo for the save the dates and one for the formal invite... very elegant choice!
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