Question.. do most gals wear white for the bachelorette party?
What color did you wear at yours or are you going to wear?

We are having a corset and heels party, and I need to get the corset, but I don't want to buy a colored one if people expect me to be in white. What do you think about the color? Does this even matter? Below is a pic of the idea.. corset, jeans and heels.

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** side note.. my cleavage doesn't even compare to hers... haha

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I'm planning to wear red- one of my wedding colors.

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i think you can wear whatever you want. out of my group of friends they always bedazzle and puffy paint a t shirt to make the bride look ridiculous.

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A lot of girls do wear white, but you dont have too... white isnt very flattering on me... so i will have to pick something else.

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I like your corsette and heels theme, its cute. I think you can wear what you want to wear. I'm not going to wear white, I'm going to wear a dress that is my wedding color.

Future Mrs. K :)
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I like the theme too. I think its cute :) Ill probably wear white but I say go for whatever color you feel comfortable in.

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I think white or one of your wedding colors would be best. but in the end it doesn't really matter. wear what makes you happy.

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Thanks everyone. I just didn't want to make a fashion faux pas. I have never been to a bachelorette party.. and didn't want to look like a crazy person. LOL

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Many times groups will wear one color, and the bachelorette will wear another to stand out (i.e. everyone wears black, and you would wear white). I will be wearing one of my wedding colors, and the rest of the group will wear black:)

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im wearing white because my MOH asked me too! alth
ugh its really hard to find a white dress that fits... thats not gonna break my budget! Id love that corset in white :) I have her cleavage but I also have a little something around my tummy... not quite sure when that showed up!

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I love the corset and heels theme, too cute! I wore a black dress.

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I'm not wearing white. Actually, I've never heard of wearing white for Bachelorette or for Rehearsal. None of my friends/family followed that. For the bachelorette I'm wearing a dress that has coral in it (the BM color) and the rehearsal dress is a bright violet. I think you should do what you want....the corset idea is a really cute idea. Have fun with it! :)

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Your theme is cute!! Since my wedding dress is red, I'm wearing a red dress for my b-party. I see a lot of brides in white, but I don't think it's a must. You can wear any color, but get a sash or a bachelorette veil so you stand out as the bride.

Mrs. R
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I really like your corset and heels theme too. My bridesmaids want me to wear all white to my bachelorette party. But the colors really don't matter.

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Super cute top and idea! I always thought you could wear whatever you wanted. Somewhere along the line I heard that brides were supposed to wear white to the rehearsal but I don't think that necessarily applies the bachelorette party.

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Ok.. good. I wasn't really liking the idea of having to stick with white. I was thinking of more of a silver color. :) You guys rock!

Thanks for the compliments on the idea. I appreciate it.

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Ya, you can do whatever you want! For my bachelorette party I have a dress that's hot pink on top and black on the bottom..I just chose that since to me cuz I think hot pink when I think of those parties..:-)

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Rachel- LOL that's something I'd totally say " my clevage doesn't compare to hers" Speaking of clevage- I bought TODAY my strapless super push-up bra for my dress--- HOLY cleavage!!! But hey I need all the help I can get ;)

As for bachelorette party- I don't know what colors, maybe animal print( like cheetah) dress!! I love animal print!!

And btw your outfit is super sexy!!!
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Yes, Mostly!!!
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