Pushing back my wedding date!
Last night we decicded to push back our wedding date and im so bummed... I have never been so excited for 2013 to get here and now I have to wait another year...I already have vendors booked and everything but money became tight ... now i feel even a whole another year money still could be tight and my Fiancee might wanted to push the date back another 2 years to 2015 I just dont no what to do or how to feel... Has anybody ever had to set there date back years to come!?!

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I totally hear ya sister.

I know this might not be what you want to hear but I tell myself this all the time too.

If I could I would get married tomorrow, but I've a circumstantial complication which can't be changed but I would never let finances get in the way. Simply put, have a smaller, simpler wedding with the closest people. If you have to have a vision you absolutely must have then do so in 2015.

That's just my opinion.

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Our date is set almost two years from now so we can save. I had my dream wedding all planned and then I looked at finances and realized our budget needed to be half that. Instead of pushing the date back, I just cut out things we don't absolutely need. We also agreed on having just immediate family only with a dinner instead of reception and that's saving thousands of dollars. If you can cut your guest list down to just family and your very closest friends, you can save a ton of money.

Also, make a list of priorities of "must haves" and stick to it. For me, photography and flowers are a huge deal. Even then, I'm only contracting the photographer for a few hours and doing just a bouquet and boutonniere. Anything that doesn't really show in the photographs are getting nixed. For others, if food and family are priority, nix centerpieces or do simple ones.

You can do it on time, just prioritize.

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Yep. I got officially engaged a year ago but we have been talking about a wedding the past 3 years....Right now we are looking at May or 2013 but we were hoping for January of 2013. NOW we may even end up holding on and getting married later then May. It use to drive me crazy and sometimes I still get crazy lol. But honestly if you have good reasons for waiting (ours is all the money is going to putting ourselves through school) it will be worth it. The longer you wait the easier it gets too...
We have lived together the past 3 years and not much will be changing in our lives except for the legal aspect. That probably helps making the waiting easier. Our lives are already very combined. Hang around here and keep me company!

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We got engaged in 2007 and were going to get married in 2008 and then we had to push it to 2009 where we just had a civil ceremony. Finally, this November we're having our ceremony. There were just other things that took financial priority all these years. Like taking a real honeymoon after our civil ceremony instead of using that money for a wedding.
With my husband going into the military, it was important that we get married before he went to basic training. Do what's right for you guys!

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Is there anyway you can minimize your plan and do a lot of DIY, smaller guest list ect in order to still make it happen?

Sorry to hear :(

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i too have had to push my wedding back. The reason we did is because my fiance is in the military. And Is on active duty and overseas. So till he either retires in August, or is home on vacation, i too can't plan my wedding any farther. Yes it is a bummer, but he is worth the wait and willing to have the patience, because I know that he is my true love, and waiting is the name of the game. So this way I can do the planning on paper and try to find the best prices for our Victorian/ Military wedding we plan on having about 4 months after he arrives home. So yes having to wait so know how you feel.
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