PSA-Olive Garden/cheap catering
Hey girls...I know a lot of you are budget brides and always looking for good deals.

We are doing a family dinner for about 60 people the night before the wedding and chose to use olive garden to cater the food in. Well...our total is coming to around $8 a person (not including tax/gratuity) and they are delivering for free! Were getting several pasta with meat options, lasagna, cheese ravioli and salad and breadsticks.

Anyways...I knew they wouldnt be expensive, but I was surprised it came out as good of a deal as it did and just wanted to mention it to you girls.

P.S. Im in the Denver area...I know different areas of the country charge differently.

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ooo intriguing! I'll have to look into that perhaps for rehearsal dinner options :-) thanks!

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WHAT!!!! OMG!!! (jumped from my desk and almost busted my arse) I love the olive garden. Yes, definitely a rehearsal dinner idea :-) YAY for OG!!


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Try cooking pasta ahead of time, and then eating it 1 hr later (or reheating it & eating it later) If you like it, I would say the olive garden option is for you. I've had clients do this, but I don't think the food holds up well. (But then I don't particularly care for OG)

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That' s a great plan. Thanks for the information!

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My family loves Olive Garden! That's a brilliant idea that hadn't even occurred to me yet... I'll have to see if the one near our wedding location caters, and if not maybe I can reserve one of the sections for the dinner. Yum!

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Mmmm Olive Garden. One of my favorite places. That's what we were planning for our rehearsal dinner.

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Also another thing you could check out is lil local Italian restaurants. I know there is one in my town that's like 6 or 7 per person for parties with private room. Granted, I haven't eaten there yet/planned the RD but it's another cheap option to check out!

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We are on the same page. We are using Olive Garden for the chicken marsala for our reception. :-) That is me and FH's favorite dish there and our caterer doesn't make it so we added the dish from Olive Garden. It was 36 a pan (which feed 6-8 ppl) :-) Can't beat that with a baseball bat. lol GREAT FIND!!

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Good suggestion! I love their salad and their Alfredo sauce! I can never quite duplicate it. :(

Another option is Maggiano's Little Italy. They have a pretty decent catering menu. It was our Plan B if we could not find a good Italian caterer in Vermont.

@Studio G Occassions....I fancy myself a good Italian cook(and many would agree!) With regard to how well pasta holds and reheats, it all depends on what you are serving. Lasagna,Baked Ziti,and Eggplant/Chicken Parm(done layered like lasagna)do just fine. I often prepare a day ahead. I don't know about ravioli, as I have never tried it.

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I will second that bluedaisy! (And I'm actually glad to hear someone else doing this) My mom was searching through places to cater, and we're getting Olive Garden for the reception (we're low-key). It will also come out to be about $8/person for 100 people (lasagna, breadsticks, salad) and I'm in the Seattle area.

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I heart OG!! But too bad it's nowhere near my wedding location!

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Sarah I am with ya...we are having a very casual reception. I had thought of contacting them for food but wondered how people would take it. Didnt know it would be that inexpensive!! I will probably be getting sum info from my local OG in a few days. I know we have a lot of time but I like to be on top of things lol.

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Dude, I looooooove Olive Garden. What a great idea for catering. Have a bread stick for me!

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Awesome, we are going to use Olive Garden for our rehearsal dinner as well but we are just going to the restaurant. =)

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great idea thanks... I'm looking for something for our rehersal.
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