Props for wedding photos???
Is anyone using props for your wedding photos? My photographer suggested I use some to make the pictures different but I cant seem to find anything. any ideas would be great!

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hmmm i've seen people who use their pets as props, or maybe a favorite place you could go to take pictures? my FH and I are doing our engagement pics at the university of georgia and using different spots on campus as props, like the chapel on campus and the football stadium.
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As a wedding photographer, there is nothing better than being able to connect with my clients and get to know them through their lives, their experiences, their loves. Sharing that with us, inspires me personally. Give me landmarks, props, cool locations, and I will run with it and light it so it's interesting. Best wishes!

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We didnt use props but we had 4 different locations to shoot in which was a lot of fun since it gave us so many different poses and ideas.

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A great place to find props and back drops is any "prom" supply store. Stumps has all their items online and they are very easy to work with. I used them for decorating a birthday, wedding and reception. Best of luck to you.

P.S. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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If you have rain, black and white umbrellas are great!


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Props could be as simple as sunglasses for the entire wedding party to wear for a fun photo. I have seen the bride of a firefighter wear the grooms helmet or get a photo on the firetruck. Just find something that is special to you or has special meaning that can be added to some photos. Could be a teddy bear you got for Valentine's Day.
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We have had our bride's bring anything from umbrellas, flowers, scarfs & hats, an electric guitar, cheeze its & Dr Pepper's (her finace's favs), their pets, a chair, etc Just about anything that describes who yall are. It could be a favorite color or a sign of a little secret. Have fun on your shoot!

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My man and all his groomsmen are cops and avid hunters, so we are having rifles and the like for his props.
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