Program wording for non traditional wedding???
We are having an outdoor wedding in late summer and didn't plan on doing a program until I realized they would make a great fan. I found an awesome panel fan and I'm ready to start but I hate the program wording. It will take sometime to assemble them and I don't have the ceremony ready but I need to start assembling. All I want to include is bride and groom parents, the wedding party and a silly love quote. Can I do that? Any ideas??

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Hayley C™
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welcome to WW Kristy

A couple more fan templates on here.

Things you can include...
- Bride & Groom names
- Date, Location, and Time
- Parents and Grandparents
- Wedding party (How you know them - optional)
- Order of Ceremony
- In Memory
- Thank you for Coming
- Description of any special ceremonies (ring warming, wine box, jump the broom)
- Games (word hunt, cross word, etc)
- Directions to Reception
- Poem or quote
- Your new address

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Thanks. I found them to not be too important but a fan would sure help cool our guest off.

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If you don't want to do a wedding program, you could just buy paper fans for pretty cheap! And it's much easier too.

Well, wedding wire doesn't like my link, but if you go to and search "paper fan" you'll get what I mean. :)
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