Processional line up for a catholic wedding
I have the following people in my wedding and dont know how to line them up
1-godparents(main ones)
2 flower girls

ans my MOH will not be in the front next to me because the main godparents are the ones that will be next to us i have not told my MOH yet because i dont feel she needs to know yet because its not important and she should know that it will be my godparents and not them am i wrong or wat should i do?

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Our line up is similar.
1. We're having GM going first and doubling to help seat the moms, grandparents etc
2. readers
3. godparents
4. priest
5. BMs
6. MOH
7. Flower Girls and ring bearer
Then the BRIDE :)
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I am catholic but i dont think I will be having my God parents walk down.
I think what I am doing is:

The last 2 groomsmen walk in the 2 Grandmas
Dads escort Moms
ring bearers
flower girls

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That is new. I've never seen godparents stand up next to the bride and groom.


so if this is how you are lining up.... this is how they would enter. You work your way from outside to in.

1st: BM#3 & GM#3
BM#2 & GM#2
BM#1 & GM#1
Flowergirl & RB
Last : Bride & Escort

Grandparents are usually seated before this all starts.
Grandparents of the Bride
Grandparents of the Groom
Mother of the Bride
Mother of the Groom escorted by the groom (to get him to the front)

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Hayley for hispanics godparents stand next to the couple for the whole mass. they are padrinos for the ceremony :) i learned this too as we are for our ceremony since FH is hispanic

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I was at at hispanic wedding in Mexico - our best friends were the padrinos... they sat in the pews until they needed to go up there for the ceremony where they put the ropes on them (sorry if I am butchering anything, I was far back, it was all in Spanish, and no program)
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I was wondering about that... ;)

It's not so much 'religious' specific as it is ethnic/cultural AND religious specific.

Hayley C hit it... but often the BM comes in with the groom and the MoH walks by herself. There's reasons tied back to weddings hundreds of years ago for that... ;)

If you're wondering, talk with the Diocese to see if they have a specific recommendation on the order or how they 'typically' do things.

The overall order would start with the Priest/officiant coming out of a side door and then the groom/BM coming out either following him or a short time later from the same side door.

The rest of the processional is as she pointed out, although the RB typically comes first and then the FG. Depending on their ages, they may walk together, but that has more to do with getting them down the aisle than the processional order.

I'm curious about the parents seating choices she posted though... (cont)
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For the pre-processional I'm used to having the grandparents seated by ushers (if not already seated for health reasons) with the bride's grandparents seated first followed by the groom's.

Then the groom's parents.

Then the bride's mother.

At that point the processional would begin.

For the above - Ushers take people to their seats and then return to their place at the back of the room.

Other choices are normally made for personal reasons - the groom wanting to escort his mother for example and not for reasons based on etiquette.

That's what's great about modern society though. We can use etiquette as a guide and make changes when it makes sense. Etiquette is what people 'expect'... and it's nice to vary from that when it means something.

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Yes, I've seen MOH by herself and with the BM, so I guess that is up to you.

Catholic ceremonies the priest enters from the back of the church in a big processional, so I was trying to get the groom up there. Many say to have an usher walk the Mother of the Groom down, but I find it a nice touch if the groom can walk his mother. She can say some words of encouragement and give him a kiss.

The order of the parents? Just what I found searching the internet once...
Modern Wedding Etiquette Seating Option: Seat your mother's parents first, then your groom's mother's parents, then your father's parents, then the groom's fathers parents. Wedding processionals and seating always favor the bride and then the maternal side of both families.

(so that was why I had that order)
but yes, now that I think of it, MOB gets seated last as an "honor" I put groom's mom last to get him up there right before the ceremony started.

Talk to the church on how they normally do things & what you want to do.

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My godparents will be sitting in the pews as well. I agree with Hayley, talk to the church. I'm sure they're used to it and probably have ideas for you.

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not at all Hayley :) for ours we r catholic too and we have padrinos for the lazo, for the coins, and for the whole ceremony. According to FH, our ceremony padrinos will be next to us through out the ceremony.

but as Hayley mentioned talk to the church. good luck :)
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