Preserving Your Bouquet/Putting It in a Shadow Box...
I had my bouquet freeze dried by a professional but I don't know if I want her to put it in one of her shadow boxes because she charges like $350! PLUS the $125 it cost to freeze the flowers. Anyone have suggestions or advice about how they preserved their bouquet and/or made a shadow box? Thanks! :)

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I didn't bother with this as I'm not a fan of dried flowers myself, but $350 for framing sounds really high! You should inquire around at other framing shops, especially at Michaels as they both sell the ready made shadow boxes and offer custom framing - not to mention the coupon deals!!

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you could probably pick up a shadow box and DIY your own.

i plan on drying my flowers at home and then putting them in clear christmas balls to put on my tree (and make one for my parents and FH's parents).

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Hobby Lobby also has shadow boxes. I think they could probably frame it for you for cheaper as well if you don't want to DIY it. Unless you have a giant bouquet or she's using expensive designer wood it really shouldn't be $350.
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