Me and FH have been together for nearly 6 years and have 3 beautiful children together. Both of us come from divorced families (for me my mom is twice divorcee and dad on 3rd) so we were VERY apprehensive about the word marriage. But after some patient waiting and long counseling sessions we hvae decided we are 100% committed and mentally ready to be married. Our kids are 4, 2, and 1 (yeah we wasted no time lol) I expressed my feelings that I wanted a 4th but I wanted to wait until ALL kids are of school aged. Hubby would rather pop one out now (but he aint doing the "popping out") So to be safe I had the implanon inserted. After to I took all of the appropriate blood test to make sure I wasnt pregnant I was so happy to finally have a peace of mind of no babies for at least 4 years. So I have a four day weekend and from friday to today I have just been SICK. I didnt think i could be pregnant even though I missed my period last month(thought it was from the BC) I thought it was the flu

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So i today I took a pregnancy test just to get the thought of possible being pregnant out of my head. And you can imagine what my face looked like when I saw two lines indicating that I am pregnant :0 My first thought was "O S*** IM PREGNANT" Then it was like "O S*** IM PREGNANT AND I STILL HAVE THIS IMPLANON IN MY ARM" So I called my PA and he advised me to come in to sick call first thing in the morning (im on military base and we have today off) So since this is the second time Ive gotten pregnant on BC my tubes will most definitely be tied after this. Anyone else have BC fail on them unexpectedly?

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Well you guys are just all kinds of fertile. Congrats on the baby, sorry about the failed birth control. Will your dress accomodate pregnant belly or do you need to go shopping?

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Well we had to push the date because I was scheduled to deploy here very shortly but since that's obviously not gonna happen now I'm really not sure what we are going to do. Havent had a chance to talk about it. I'm thinking we should just go to the courthouse

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I wish I could have failed BC so I can have a baby...FH wants to wait a little bit more. So I must say, I'm totally jealous. But Congrats to sounds like God had a special plan for you :)

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Oh wow!! Congrats...I think? LOL No really, that is wonderful. Have you told FH yet? I personally never had a BC fail, & it seems you guys are pretty fertile! If #4 is your last, I would have to agree with you about the tubes tied - esp since its been proven twice now that you can still get pregnant on BC.

Cynthia B
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I got pregnant on BC 4 years ago. I ended up miscarrying 5 weeks later. I since have an IUD (Mirena) and I constantly worry about getting pregnant on it. 3 1/2 years though, and still have not. Only 11 months until we are married and will be TTC!

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LOL Ohhhh Im sorry not to laugh at you but I just moved our date from Oct 19th of this year to May 17th of next year because IM PREGNANT! I was on the pill and being super safe to take it the same time everyday etc I wasnt messing around I wanted to enjoy my wedding and honeymoon! Well just under a mth ago we found out we were expecting I was in total shock for a while (still kinda am) Im due Oct 15th hense for the wedding move.

Good Luck!!! Will you be keeping your wedding the same day? and do you know when your due?

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Congrats on the new baby :) but booo to the BC. I wouldn't be so sure that having your tied will stop you from having kids (well I am sure it will). My friend's dad had 2 kids, after getting a snipped twice! He and his wife only planned to have one kid so he got snipped, they had a second child, and got snipped again and had a third child! Sometimes things don't act the way they should :P

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congratssssss that baby is meant to be here against all the protection you did!!

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Got pregnant on the Depo shot, but miscarried back in 2002. Got pregnant on yasmin in 2007, and carried to full term a very healthy & bright lil smurf in late sprin 2008. :D

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Congrats on the new addition! :)

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Oh my!!! Congrats
I am on Implanon and freaking out a bit now.....eeek.
How long have you had it in? Obviously I know these things have a failure rate but wow.

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LOL its ok if you guys laugh because I'm finding it pretty hilarious and UNBELIEVEABLE. After my 2nd before I left the hospital I got a shot of depo 8 weeks later got pregnant with my third. Amazing story I was uncertain if I wanted to keep it because we had 2 girls already and me and FH had been fighting alot so i didn't think we would make it. A pastor from a nearby church stopped me in Walmart and told me that I was having a boy. 1 month later same guy in Walmart asked me if I was going to keep my boy. I told him yes but i didnt think it would be a girl. Long story short I had a boy. 2 months after having my son I ran into the SAME guy at the hospital and he told me that i would have twin girls. we argued in the parking lot for like 5 min cuz i told him he was crazy and he told me twins run on my mom's side. So I called my mom and she confirmed twins run on her side as well as my dad. Now im freaking out!!!

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@ Whitney now that is scary! @ kara not sure I just found out today I have been taking tests literally all day and they have all been ( ) lol. FH left earlier on a business trip but I did tell him right before he left. i think he thought I was joking so I sent him a pic of 2 out of the 3 tests i took today. I had the implanon for about a month. I had mirena but it was causing too many problems I was having blood clots and extremely painful cramps so I had it removed. I'm excited now that's its finally settled in but its a little overwhelming thinking that I am going to have 4 small kids. me and fh decided that he will work and I will be the stay at home parent for awhile

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Congrats! Twins run in my family too and scares me...just from great grandparents on down in age we have 9 sets on my dad's side and 11 on my mom's..12 if you count the twins she miscarried before they had me. Everyone is always waiting to hear if it's twins whenever someone gets preggo in our family lol.

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i got prego and miscarried twice on nuva ring.... iv never heard of it on the long term types tho!! congrats! it was definately meant to be!!

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ps.. the pastor guy predicting these things is kinda creepy!!!

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Congrats!!! Im not tryna be preggers anytime soon so I sure wont be getting any of the bc's you guys just talked about lol..

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OMG...I need the pastor to come see me and predict my future :) If you are pregnant with twins I think I would faint. I have 2 boys right now and I am so scared to try for that girl. LOL! Congratulations on your TWINS hehehe
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