PRE carved pumpkins for weddings that won't decompose on your day.
About half way down the page is the wedding designs. My friend loved them. And there is no carving, no spooning, no smell, they are artificial. One down--two million more things

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Hey these are nice I like them and they kinda go with my Cinderella theme....thanks
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Right now you can buy the Funkin style pumpkins around $5 to $10 depending on size, they can be carved and look great. Micheals and hobby lobby carry them.

I am doing 2 fall weddings with these for my clients and a Halloween party.
Just buy the special carving tools to do these.

Add a hole in the bottom and use a flickering LED votive or color changing LED for a WOW look that is safe. Your guests will love these and they make a great take home item!

I will have a gallery with Photos of these pumpkins and more in Late October at my site and Blog at

Start buying them now, as they are very expensive off season, and you can take your time to be details in carving over the year!
Have a Blast!

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I know that u can also get these at Joann fabrics. They are really nice, I was going to use these and have one at our head table with our names and date carved out! Thanks!!!
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