Pomander Kissing Balls vs. Pew Bows
Which do you prefer for a church wedding- pomander kissing balls or pew bows?

I would be DIY either but I thought I liked the pomander kissing balls until I thought about how pew bows would be equally awesome and more traditional for the church.

We are having a traditional Catholic wedding without Mass.

Also- has anyone here attempted making their own pew bows? I keep thinking that they would be harder to make than the kissing balls.

Honey B.
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I personally like pomanders better. My parents' church does pew bows for just about every holiday, so it might be that I'm just tired of seeing them. :)

Hayley C™
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Advantage to the kissing balls, you can always bring them to the hall and reuse them as centerpieces.

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I made a ball yesterday and used about a 6 in diameter ball and it took about 15-20 flowers. (which surprised me) so it probably would be cheaper to do the bows, or not use flowers for the balls. (I know some people use tissue paper, coffee filters and so on)
It kinda depends on whether you want it to look formal or casual and what your theme is.

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I prefer the kissing balls.

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I made kissing balls... but they were more like half kissing balls so that they laid flat against the pews.

Honey B.
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Mrs. Montoya - that is a really good idea! Maybe I will look into that!

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I like the pommanders as well. I am trying to convince Cate that this is a DIY she can take care of herself. :)

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Yeah I bought my flowers online in bulk. I spent like $50 to make about 18 of them.

The pic below kinda shows them...

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I do agree those are gorgeous!! Seems like a good idea for
A DIY project!

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Pomanders!! They don't have to be made out of just silk flowers either, we are doing them for our pews and our centerpieces, made from ribbon instead of flowers. Fairly inexpensive if you buy the ribbon in bulk. Here is a pic of my trial ball.

Honey B.
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I think you all have just made up my mind .. I am definitely going to go ahead and do pomander kissing balls :) ... now to purchase the supplies! I think I will like this DIY project more than trying to figure out how to do pew bows (seems so complicated!)

L.I. CatLady
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omg Amanda- thats beautiful!!! How did you made that???

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I'm going to reuse mine as part of the centerpieces.

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Nov 10, 2011 at 9:23 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
kissing balls

not a fan of pew bows at all - just don't see the appeal, I would rather see nothing.

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Definitely the kissing balls. I made mine with a 5" ball and then used silk hydrangeas (they had the holiday ones that have a little sparkle to some of the petals. It only took a little more than one hydrangea head to make it (you separate the individual flower heads which makes one hydrangea go a long way. A very easy DIY project - it only takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to make one complete with hanging ribbon.

Good luck!

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Omg amanda I love the ribbon ball.. How did u do it? Plz share

Wedding: 09/02/2017
Nov 12, 2011 at 12:06 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
kissing balls... I HATE yards of tulle bows!

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I got the idea from several tutorials over on weddingbee. There is a 6 inch foam ball in the middle, and you cut about 4 inch strips of ribbon (lots and lots of them), I used 6 different colors/patterns. Make a loop from the ribbon and pin to the ball w/ dressmakers pins. I tried hot glue, but it looks better with pins. Start from one spot and place ribbon loops until the ball is covered, it looks better if you make sure your ribbon patterns are spaced evenly, and the ribbon loops are placed close together so no foam shows. They take about an hour each, and they use about 3 standard rolls of ribbon a piece. I got mine is several hundred yard spools from The Ribbon Retreat online, so it was much less expensive that way.

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Love the kissing balls!!
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