Plus Size wedding dress shops in Atlanta
I am scared to go to any shops because I am a plus size girl and I don't want to be embarrassed because they have no dresses to try on. Any suggestions??

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I felt the same way!! I was so super scared!! I ended up going to David's Bridal - they have a good amount of dresses in plus sizes so I was able to see what dresses looked like on me as opposed to imagening :)

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I had some issues. I drove 3 hours to a boutique in Maryland (I'm in Philly) called Curvasious Couture. Best thing I ever did! They were amazing! Try to find some plus size bridal boutuiqes in your area if not... I highly suggest traveling to Curvaious Couture. They will ship you the dress so you don't have to go back.

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Look for dress's made by bonny primarely her unforgettable collection. Ive tried on two of her dress's and they really slimmed me out.

not sure what is close to you
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Please don't be scared. An experienced bridal consultant will help you look your VERY best. Do not be afraid at all.
Here are a few places in your area:

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I also went to DB and had a great experience! I was leery b/c I know that some DB's aren't all that great, but make your appointment ahead of time and you should be fine. I also personally think DB has made huge strides in having better quality. DB's website also lets you create an account and label your favorite dresses - they have tons of plus size dresses. I printed that and took it to the shop w/ me, which helped my consultant know what I liked.

No matter where you go, if you're nervous about their inventory, call ahead and see what they have for you to try on. If they don't have a lot, they might know of another store that does.

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I know I am not a plus size woman, but I did go to New Natalies, actually that is wear I got my dress from, but they did have bigger size dresses to try on. Good Luck, I know you will be able to find something.
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I am in the atlanta area and I have 3 brand new plus size wedding dresses for sale if your are interested. I'm not sure what size you are looking for though. You may also want to try Davids Bridal or there is another place named Anya Bridal Warehouse in Atlanta that has a good selection and good prices.
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I am also very very scared and now with me just moving to Atlanta I don't even know where to start. Every place I have seen so far is just not getting it. *sigh*

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DB near the Gwinnett mall was great. They were really nice and helpful.

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Not only am I plus size, but I have very hard proportions to fit; in street clothes I wear a size 10-12 shirt and size 24 pants. No, that's not a typo :-( So I was very nervous about dress shopping.
I'm in Gwinnett County. I went to Azalea Bridal in Snellville- great experience but it made me nervous that they don't have an alterations person on staff. I didn't want to buy a dress, and THEN find out that they could do the alterations that I already knew I would need.
I went a couple other places- they ALL had dresses big enough to try on and no weird looks or attitudes.
I wound up buying my dress from David's Bridal by Gwinnett Mall. They did a GREAT job on the alterations. Good luck!
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