Please share your creativity! DIY ideas - scrapbook and photo wedding theme - fall wedding
Hi girls! We are having our wedding in october 2012. We are thinking of having a theme be scrapbooking and photos. We are going to have a photobooth and an automatic printer where the guests will take their printed photos to sign the guestbook - which will have scrapbooking stuff so they can create their own page. And then have them print a 2nd copy for themselves, which the favor will be a little frame to put the pic in. Do you have any other creative ideas or spin offs for this theme?

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instead of buying thank you cards. make sure u get a picture of everyone having fun at your wedding. Then use the back of the picture to write your thank you. That way they can keep the picture instead of just throwing away the card. just make sure you use ink that wont ruin the picture.

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I had a photobooth too and since we couldn't be in the photobooth w our guests....I did a cut out of life size print of Hubby n me -- just our face n I attached it to a stick (we used rulers since it's more sturdy). Our guests get to take pic w us even when we're nit physically there

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Tram that is such a cute idea!
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