Planning a wedding with no money
Ugh I feel like I should ask for help, but where will that get me. I am planning my wedding on a minimum wage budget. Who else has had this difficult problem. I really don't want to just go to the courthouse, I want something where I can feel special. I just want pointers who else has had this issue.

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I got married 3 years ago at the courthouse, back then I did not have the funds to have the wedding I dreamed with...I don't regret waiting, I had the party I wanted and deserve!!

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You can ask for help but it does not mean you're entitled to it.... You may not get the answer you want to hear, so be prepared either way. They can be done inexpensive if you do a backyard wedding and you guys have family cook or something or perhaps you can get a 2nd job to help

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A couple places to start would be to find a friend or relative with a nice yard, or check to see if your apartment has a meeting room.

Music for the reception: stereo with an iPod or computer hooked up to it. Hell, you can even just stream a party mix from Pandora.

I'd continue, but there's a good start and I need to start getting ready for work. :)

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I know a couple that just got married on a very low budget and they had a very nice wedding! They found a friend with a nice backyard. Plugged in an Ipod. Had minimal flowers and decorations but enough to make everything look pretty. The bridal party was able to pick and wear whatever they wanted. Everyone pitched in and helped a little. There are ways to have a nice wedding without breaking the bank. Will you have an extravagant wedding like you see on TV, probably not. But you will have your special day with your soon to be husband.

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Honestly backyard sounds amazing, just build an arch and get a cake. It can be pretty inexpensive your food, photographer and dj get you.
Have friends take pics, have family cook and an iPod wedding. Weddings aren't about these huge over the top parties its about joining together legally as a couple. And then possibly spending it with family. You'll be beautiful regardless of location,

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We got married in May for $600-700. I got my dress from a thrift store. Dresses can take up a big chunk of your budget. So think outside the box. Consignment stores and even department stores have plenty of dress options. We got married in a park, which was only $125, decor came from Micheal's and Dollar Tree, Invitations, programs, and favors were handmade by me. Food was picnic style. We spent $100 on food and had plenty of leftovers. Family members took pics, made our cake, and provided dj services.
With a LOT of smart shopping and a little help from family and friends, you can do it. I'm here if you need tips.

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I'm on a low budget also! Some things I have cut the cost on are food....I have a patient that's a caterer. So she is looking out for me. If u know anyone that cooks good, see if they are willing to help. Buy food and put it in a deep freezer if u can't afford to buy it all at once.
My cousin's husband is a wine/champagne delivery driver and when a store rejects a delivery he can sell it for however much he wants.. so my wine/champagne has been costing me about $1/bottle.
My cousin does hair and makeup so she will be doing my hair and makeup all day on my day., pm the reenski when u are ready to order things for your wedding (save the dates, stickers, invitations, thank u cards)
Michael's always has 50% off coupons in the newspaper. I bought my vases and marbles, rb pillow, fg baskets, tulle, paper lanterns, aisle runner, guestbook, etc from there. Used a coupon for EVERYTHING.

If u really need help, don't be afraid to ask and don't be afraid of the answer. It can go either way.

Oh, I got a photographer for $300...u have to search for quality ppl at good prices. Check craigslist...or photography schools for students that want the experience and the exposure.

Hope this helped
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