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Wedding brain is real
hi_bride, Today at 1:21 AM

You guys! I ordered 150 wedding invitations and checked the spelling meticulously, made my parents and fiancé recheck everything. We ALL missed the fact that I somehow did not write anything on the...

hi_bride, 17 minutes ago 27
Color Schemes
Alba, Today at 12:26 AM

Who wants to explain color schemes to me? It seems I have a mental block on this subject because everytime I start to look into it, I just have no idea where to start. What am I looking for here? What...

Suzie, An hour ago 1 Comment 20
Sister with an Intellectual Disability
Mariam, Today at 12:19 AM

I'm choosing bridesmaids and I initially had thought of keeping my sister as one. My sister is 18 but has severe autism and some intellectual setbacks. This means that she will often refuse to walk on...

J'Neil, 15 minutes ago 4 Comments 46
Who to make bridesmaids?
Chrissie, Yesterday at 11:22 PM

I have a couple of questions here. So my brother has been engaged for a few years now and his fiance already told me I am a bridesmaid. Does this .ean i should make her a bridesmaid at my wedding?...

Mckinsey, 4 minutes ago 9 Comments 75
Decor find of the day!
Jenny, Yesterday at 10:42 PM

So excited to show you ladies these lights! Got 3 packs of them! Using them for the head table and if I have some leftover will put at the dessert table (we are doing different desserts instead of...

Tara, 2 minutes ago 3 Comments 89
Caterer Salad Plates Weird
belleofabride, Yesterday at 10:42 PM

We are having an intimate 50 person wedding with a strict budget of no more than $4k for catering. We’ve narrowed our choices to 2 options. The wedding is in the evening caterer 1 serves the food on...

Tara, 44 seconds ago 5 Comments 106