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Bouquet Toss
FutureMrs.Jacobs, Yesterday at 7:23 PM

What song are you ladies using for this part of your wedding? I keep going back to Single Ladies by Beyonce but I would love some other options. What song will you play?

Stacy, 7 minutes ago 18 Comments 155
Save the Dates
Meg, Today at 4:32 AM

Okay I am trying to decide which Save the Dates to order. I am trying to decide between a flat print cardstock or magnet. Both are the same size and the magnet is slightly more expensive, but that...

Kat, 22 minutes ago 2 Comments 21
Had to change wedding date..
Karin, Today at 6:57 AM

Hello..Have a unique problem. Due to health issues, And a potential major surgery, we had to change our wedding date. I was between April 26th or June 22, 2019 for new dates. My fincee and I decided...

Cherelle, 23 minutes ago 3 Comments 39
Save the Dates Arrived!
Lauren, Yesterday at 10:44 PM

I ordered magnet save the dates from Ann’s Bridal Bargains. I was a little worried because I couldn’t find much feedback about the magnet variety, but it was such a good price I figured I would try...

Elizabeth, An hour ago 9 Comments 148
Building Occupancy Stress
Maggie, on August 24, 2018 at 11:12 AM

I apologize in advance for the long post / mini vent session. So... background. I come from a fairly large family, and I also belong to a large church that I’ve been very involved in for my entire...

Courtney, 2 hours ago 9 Comments 197
Sunset wedding and reception fail
Kayla, Today at 12:13 AM

Our original plan was to elope. However, our families and close friends were very hurt (some to the point offended) if they were not invited. The reasoning in eloping is to SAVE MONEY. We are paying...

Heather, 3 hours ago 12 Comments 152