has anyone ever heard of or seen a wedding kinda like that??? i really like how the girls look. and i was thinking about having them dress like that kinda like my theme. my boys will be dressed down kinda matches...i dont know is it a crazy idea??? let me know plz!

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Mrs. Carmen
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Not crazy at all. I LOVE the pin-up look, and have done many a rockabilly/pin-up photoshoot while modeling.

Shopping for your bridesmaids dresses would be a BLAST!!!

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Sounds great! Go for it. And check out this site if you haven't seen it yet.

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I love looking at for ideas. They (obviously) have off-beat weddings and each story comes with a great variety of wedding "porn" too look at. :0)

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I love the idea! Go for it~

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Like the site Pik_Z. Thanks for sharing!
Dec 21, 2009 at 7:55 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
2 Pik_Z. Offbeatbride, great site. I use it for ideas all the time! Even found my wife's xmas gift through a vendor ad on there. Sister site is which I also read. Fun stuff!

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Thanks soo much....i was scared at first a little at first. i think its going to be so much fun!!! i hope the girls go along with it...
thanks again....

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I love their clothes! I think its a great idea to do a pinup theme! Good luck. Keep us posted on your ideas! :)

Officially His Mrs P.
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What a fantastic idea!!! Planning for this should be a lot of fun!

Take it Personally by Christine

Take it Personally by Christine
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I love love love ideas like this! My work is a bit more off the beaten path than other invite designers. On my website I also offer pin up designs as well. Check it out at
Good luck!
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As a photographer I LOVE your idea. Would be so fun to photograph, different an unique. I love when people who they are and think outside the box. What fun!

Check out - images with Style

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Im getting married in November and am also doing a pinup theme! many websites and most of them are mentions on the comments... Good luck any ideas or new websites... shot them my way...Im having little trouble on the mens clothe... need ideas!

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I think I'm going to do the same kind of theme because that's totally what we are in to... our tattoo artist is even going to marry us! I am also having issues with finding men's clothing..... Any suggestions?

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I am considering this theme as well! Does anyone have good websites for bridesmaid dresses?
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