Pictures of Hair -partial updo's - for Wedding Day
Hi there,

Does anyone have a good site for hair styles for your wedding day? More specifically I'm looking for partial updo examples (partially up and partially down). Let me know if anyone has any good sites to take to my hairstylist. Thanks so much!

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Feb 03, 2009 at 8:24 PM • Flag As Inappropriate she does beautiful hair

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you'll find anything and everything if you do a google images search for 'partial updos' or 'wedding hairstyles' or something like that. It's picture after picture and you're not limited to a particular site. I did this to look for flower ideas as well.

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Check out They have tons of hairstyles :)
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My all time favorite partial updo and I have been suggesting this to brides and bridesmaids for over 20 years, is from Pretty Woman. It is Julia Roberts' hair style when she goes to the business diiner with Richard Gere and wears the red dress.

It's classic, sexy, and romantic.

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