Piano songs to walk down the aisle to..
So we decided that instead of walking down the aisle to a song a friend of ours is going to play the piano. Only problem is that I have no clue what are some good piano songs that I could walk down the aisle to. Can anyone please help? She's coming over later on today so anything would help.

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Just about anything classical can be done on the piano. Of course, some translate better than others. Are there any classical pieces you really like?

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A lot of songs can be done on the piano. My suggestion is to look up you and your FHs favorite song on youtube and see you can find it done on piano. 10 to 1 you will find it. I found many songs when I was looking it up. :)

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I agree with Kristen A...you can find any song for the piano. I am undecided yet as to whether I want my accompanist to play piano or organ, but I'm leaning towards non-secular piano music. Instead of a wedding singer, I want to have everyone in attendance sing a hymn.

My top choice for piano processional right now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIF3nYtnyGc (Stars and Butterflies from Pride and Prejudice, by Dario Marianelli).

Don't forget that whoever is playing the piano can "edit" what they are playing if they can read sheet music, repeating certain parts, or cutting certain parts, and changing the emotion of the music when you, the bride, enters.

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