photo booths - how much did you spend? is it worth it?
the title pretty much says it all - photo booths - how much did you spend? is it worth it?

deciding whether or not to do one...

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I think I may do a DIY one, def not a pro one..there are some threads from a lil while ago if you put in the search bar "photo booth". They look fun! Ya something to consider, do you think your guests would use them? I guess its hard to say, if you have a lot in the younger crowd like teens through (well whatever you want to consider young!) then I think it would be worth it..but again I'm not speaking from experience.. :-) heeey we are almost date twins!!!

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We wanted one but after going to a birthday party that had one, we decided not to get one. The cost around here is $1300 for about 5 hours.

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SO WORTH IT!!!!! $895 for 4 hours

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We are gettin it costs $900 for 4 hrs and being that we are in Key West, Fl its a steal everything here is way expensive.

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we thought about it but after looking at prices, we decided it wasn't worth it 'cause we can buy favors for half the price of the booth or less, and we're thinking about a DIY on it as well if possible, it will be our own movie poster with our wedding info, kinda like when you go on movie premiers (we're big movie goers), our guest will be able to pose and take really nice pictures. A friend of our who just love taking pictures will probably do it for us at no cost. don't know if we'll go through with it yet, but that's the idea for now.

it will be kinda like this poster, but more formal and we'll make few changes, instead of getting married, it'll probably be "the wedding of", etc...

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I'm looking to book ours for $675 for 4 hours. I can't wait! My friends and I are all picture fiends, so I'd imagine I'm going to have to pry a few people out of there, lol.

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Yep I paid 1000 for unlimited for 6hrs. But this was through a close friend. It was DEFINITELY worth every penny. Even the venue owner were impressed with the quality and they even jumped in at the end of the nite to take pic. If you are in Socal you should check out Cheesy Photobooth.

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Really depends on your friends. I was at a wedding recently and the bridesmaids were going around trying to round people up for it, even at the end of the night, there ended up being fewer pictures taken than guests present.

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Our DIY one was a howling success. Every guest had at least one picture taken, and many had more than one. And it cost us under $200 for everything.

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we had one and loved it! we were on the fence too about the price, but it was worth it! it was around 1000 for everything! they made us a photo scrapbook with the printouts and people got to write stuff in the book and it was done at the end of the night! really really neat! we will keep it forever!

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Our photographer includes a portrait session in his price, so he's setting up a portrait area on the balcony for half an hour and we're putting a props box up there. I guess people wont be as free and easy as in a booth, but hoping it will have a similar effect. They wont get instant photos though.

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Its a lot of fun! I do advise asking whatever company you chose for a photo sample though. Some companies have fantastic quality instant machines and others have those cheap Korean types that you see in some shopping centers. Be careful!

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Absolutely worth it. $1000 for 5 hours, scrapbook and attendant.

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My niece paid around $700-800 for her's last month and it was busy ALL night. Each person got a printout of 4 pics and a duplicate was put into a scrapbook of each grouping that you could sign a message next to it. Everyone loved it.

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We paid $475 for 5 hours, which included a big box of props, a printout for each person, and a DVD of all the photos for us. There was a line ALL night! People absolutely loved it! The photos were phenomenal and I am so very glad we decided to do it. People will like it much more than favors, IMO!

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My friend and I went to a bridal show a while back and there was one there that all the attendees could try. I'm hooked!

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Mrs. Moore ours comes with the same amenities and after shopping around I was able to find one for $675 for 4 hours. I'm soooo excited!!

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i have a diy photobooth on my computer and love it! i think it was 40.00 for a life time. you can get it at

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This is something I completely want to do but have found it very expensive. The one place that I really want to come and do it would cost me $1295 tax for 3 hours. FS wants to build one but I don't think the quality would be as good and I've had a hard time finding photo-paper that is 2x6''. Also, I don't want a guest to have to be the photo-taker instead of enjoying the party. I'm still trying to convince FS and let him have creative control over the centrepieces (something with flashing lights using tiny electronics and robot parts that he and his bro love to build). We'll see what happens.

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I'm investing in 2 photographers, I'll leave it to them capture the candid moments.
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