"Personal Attendants"
Who's all having (or had) one?

I'm unsure what to do. I have a friend who I feel should/could be apart of my wedding but my fiance is really serious about not adding another bridesmaid/groomsman to the count. We agreed to 5 each. Should I ask her to be my personal attendant or is that a bit much? I've always thought it seemed a little pointless, but I've known quite a friends who had them...

What do you think? Do they really serve a purpose or is it just a gentle way of having them in your wedding without being a BM?

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My personal attendant will be one of my bridesmaids =)

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My children were our only bridal party... no bridesmaids, no groomsmen. However, my best friend was my right hand girl for the ceremony & reception, so I titled her (and paid her honor in our program) my "Personal Attendant."

Emilie S.

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Can you add her as a reader in your wedding or a greeter to hand out programs?

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I originally asked one of my good friends to be my personal attendant, then we decided that we would be able to have a larger bridal party... so she got promoted to Bridesmaid... I don't know if we'll ask anyone else to be an attendant in her place, though considering our venue we'll need one during pictures. It's going to be crazy HOT and someone will need to tote water for us

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I feel like anything I'll need someone to help me attend to can be done by a bridesmaid. If I was asked to be someone's "personal attendant" I would take it as a slap in the face...like "you're not good enough to be a BM but I'm going to make you do all this crap for me anyway." I know that's not the way most people feel, and maybe it's just because they're not common in my area, but I would be insulted.

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I had a personal attendant and she was amazing! I wanted her to be a bridesmaid but I had hit the agreed upon number with my husband. It worked out really well though. She was also our soloist and helped me with everything on the day of the wedding.

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This may seem dumb, but I'm still learning all these wedding-people-things, what does a personal attendant do? lol it sounds like I could use one of my friends for this ;)

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I'm having one, but she got to make up her own title. I basically asked her if she wanted to be a bridesmaid or be involved in another way (she's a bit camera shy), and she preferred something behind the scenes. So she made up her own title, I'll recognize her during my speech and she's going to do the job of day of coordinator (run around with lists and tell people what to do).

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im having two i call them personal attendants, they help with watever i need plus do ushering duties too

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Personal attendants aren't something that I'm too familiar with. I've been in a bunch of weddings and I've never seen them. Not sure if its a regional thing or not. I still don't know what they do...

Since it's not a concept that I'm familiar with, I'm also in the camp that would be slightly offended - like I'm not good enough to be in the wedding, but I'm supposed to be an assistant?

So, back to your question. If personal attendants are the norm in your area/social circle and it's the norm to your friend and something that she knows is an honor - go for it. If not, I'd be wary and just ask her to be a reader or somehow involved in the ceremony.

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Well really your MOH is your personal attendant. If you want her to be apart of the wedding, you could. I'm having a lady in waiting which is my 16 year old sister just so that she can feel like she is apart of everything.

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My understanding is that a personal attendant is a person who helps you keep things on schedule and running smoothly. I was a PA for a friend of mine and I felt almost like a day of planner! I am going to have one, I have selected one of my most anal friends who loves to have a little power! This way I know that everything will be in good hands!

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I don't think - at least, I really hope! - my BFF wasn't offended that she was my PA. She seemed touched that I included her in the wedding program. We had no friends or even siblings stand up with us... just my daughter as flower girl, my youngest son as ringbearer, and the older boys were my escort. We all stood at the altar.


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Ladies, the Personal Attendant is someone who is there for YOU, the Bride. I have a Personal Attendant Package that is blowing away all the other services. Basically, it's a right hand person. On a typical days work, I get there usually around the time the Bride is @ Hair/Make-up. Sometimes I even drive her back from hair/make-up if they aren't coming to her. I help the bride by being her goffer, I Help her get dressed & ladies, I know you say your bridal party is going to help you but when you have a room of 5-6 women trying to get dressed, everyone needs help! I come equipped with rolling compartment bag that no bridesmaid can roll around & in that bag, I have TONS of stuff for those "just in cas moments". Pins of all sizes; blotting pads; deodorant; boby pins; needle and thread; aspirin; chocolate; candy; gum; mouthwash; blister sticks for your feet; & then I have personalized items just for the Bride. In the end, everyone is much happier I was there!
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