Period on my wedding day...Are you serious?????????
I just checked my calendar and discovered that my period is due the day OF my wedding!!!!! >:o{ I'm SO upset!!! I stopped taking BC pills last fall and I got the copper IUD inserted in Feb. My periods have been pretty regular, so I can count on it to arrive around my wedding day. I've heard there is a way to delay your period. Does anyone here know anything about that? Please advise because I don't want my wedding day to be ruined behind this.

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I have checked myself. I thought I was the only one who checked there period around their wedding day. I suppose to get mine the week of the wedding. I never heard that you can delay it.

FMS, the barefoot wife!
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Talk to your DR first!
I believe you can only delay it with use if birth control. I was supposed to get mine the week of our honeymoon. So I started 3 months before our trip and continusouly took my pill.
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I don't know of anyway other than to take BC pills to delay it. Mine was due on my wedding day also... but... Its now 4 days late (thank you stress?) so looks like I'll be safe.

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That is how I did it in 1982. The pill was a godsend, as I used to get terrible cramps.

Good luck!

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Geez ladies...I thought I could get by without using the pill...LOL...Looks like I'll be making another appointment to the OB/GYN. I CANNOT have this thing on my wedding day!!!! OMG sometimes it really sucks being a girl!!! Thanks for the advice!!!

Mrs Cupcake
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I also had same problem. That my period was due the week of the wedding so I started BC three months before and no period :)

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Meh, it's not that bog of a deal. If you have an IUD, nothing you can do to "reschedule" it. I got it on my wedding day too, and it wasn't the most comfortable thing ever, but it didn't ruin the day!

Raptor Bride
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skiparooni! :D my dr told me i should skip it!

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So...I'm on the pill now, wedding is in September, period would start on the 1st day of our honeymoon. What should I do now so this doesn't happen?

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Margaret - Wait until that month and then just skip over the different colored pills that u usually take while on ur period and start taking the next pack right away. Its gonna make you skip that period all together. Always check with ur doc first just to be sure. :-)

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I had the same issues....I had started BC a bit too close to the wedding, and my body was acting up, so I knew skipping the pill wasn't going to work....I technically started on my wedding day, but it was so light it wasn't a problem. Then I got it on our honeymoon....kind of best if you just roll with the wasn't as big of a deal as I though it would be. Good luck!

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I have the IUD and I dont get periods.

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i made my sure my date did not fall on that date. i am the end of month so even if its late it wont fall

My Beloved, Inc.

My Beloved, Inc.
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No one wants their period on their wedding day. If there is nothing you can medically do under the supervision of a doctor, just don't worry about it. Sometimes nerves can delay it a day or two, but what does it matter. You will still look beautiful and just enjoy your day and make do on your honeymoon - focus on the love!

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I'm with My Beloved.. I'm sure you if your not one to get nervous, I'm sure you will be stressed the week of or even a few days before... and I know with me when I get stressed it delays my period.

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Mine is always at the end of the month so thats why I opted for an early month wedding. I'm not sure of how to delay it but I hope you find something soon!

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I changed birth control pills to seasonique and well that wasn't the best idea ever as I've been "bleeding" for the last 10 days :( so I'm hoping against hope my body will calm down soon and I'll get it every 3 months and if that is the case then I'll have it in June, September and then not again till December ...

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omg i thought i also was the only one mine was suppose to come the day before my wedding day it was going to come week after but my cycle changed which made it change to the day before my wedding and mine is also reqular every 28 days so like u said i can also count on mine to show up lol am hoping that the cycle change again

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Mine happened on my wedding day, back in the 80's. It was a bit of a pain, as I always had a rough go of it. Not anymore, thank you Dr who removed all non-essential parts a few years ago. LOL! I know, TMI.

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nah i have an iud also and i would love to know ways to miss a period.
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