Pasta Bar - Need Ideas!!
We have decided to have a pasta bar at the reception. The prep and everything has already been determined, all we have to do is pick the things we want and buy it!

So, I need your help getting the ideas flowing! So far we have thought about-
Pasta Type:
- Regular Spaghetti
- Bowtie Pasta
- Gleuten Free Pasta (there are gleuten allergies in my family, so it wouldnt be a large amount, but takes care of those guests)

Red Marinera Sauce
Alfredo Sauce

Veggie Toppings:
- Mushrooms
- Peppers
- Parm Cheese

Meat Toppings
- Meatballs
- Grilled Chicken pieces

- Salad
- Garlic & Regular Bread

Any ideas on what else to add?? I feel like we need a few more toppings option- esp in the veggie department, but I am a pickier eater, so I can't think of anything!


Sarah D.
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I think it's enough options! But if you really want ideas...

Maybe an oil-based sauce for the pasta...
veggies - broccoli or tomatoes maybe

I'll add some if I think of more!

Amy A.
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Sarah D.
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Thanks! I am such a simple pasta person- meatballs & parm and I'm good, so thinking outside the box has been tough!

Maybe some sundried tomatoes??

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I love pasta

don't forget shaker cheese!! it's the most important part!! :)

Sarah D.
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I come from a family of REALLY picky eaters and so I am trying to stay simple! But that white sauce sounds amazing!

Alisa S.
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We are also having a pasta bar. Our toppings include clams & Italian sausage (in addition ot the chicken), as well as Kalamata olives, onions, spinach, and sundried tomatoes (in addition to peppers and mushrooms). You might want to consider roasted eggplant and/or zucchini/yellow squash as a heavier vegetable addition, especially if you have any vegetarians in the crowd.

Sarah D.
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Oooh, I like the sound of olives & def am thinking the zucchini/squash is a good addition.

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I pick my menu on the 20th of this guys are making me hungrrryyyy I hope I dont end saying "yes" to too much food and then crying at the bill ;) But a pasta bar really is a nice idea. I definitely want some kind of "bar" at my wedding besides the alcohol bra :)

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oops, that should have said "bar"...I promise I am sober. LOL

And too add to the discussion what about seafood (shrimp can be inexpensive)...good veggies are spinach, mushrooms, and tomatoes.

As a previous poster stated the only other sauce you could add is maybe a oil based such as garlic butter or olive oil.

Good luck and YUM!

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Mmm yumm! You can do fresh basil or oregano too!

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as a gluten free vegaterian...I say My advice is to use Quinoa instead of rice noodles as a gluten free option. They taste better and are easier to cook. Make sure whoever has cooked them as done so before because they cook a bit differently then regular pasta. In my experience people typically cook them too long so they are soggy or not long enough because they are afraid of them getting soggy lol. They dont take as long to cook as regular noodles.
I personally love zuccini and use it all the time in place of meat to bulk up my veggie pasta. Its cheap and easy, doesnt require much prep at all. Pepper with tomato sauce tends to punch me and FH in the gut, so I usually dont mix the two with pasta. Maybe that is just a personal thing tho idk.
Also black olives! Just dump some in a bowl or something. Yum
Glam I want a alcohol bra! Did you get it on etsy? ;)
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Brocoli and squash goes really well with alfredo...I had spagetti for lunch but your making me hungry now!

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I am not a fan of olives...but I know those are popular with a lot of folks.
Tomatoes...onions...maybe oil based or wine sauce with some onions, garlic and tomatoes?
Any pasta sauce that use I always seem to end up with lots of tomatoes and green pepper (or banana pepper for some variation in color)..if it's not in the sauce I add it to the toppings.
Other than that, the only thing I can think I have seen in pasta bars that hasn't already been mentioned is pepperoni

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Hahaha Mags, I may need to go ahead and patent my "blooper" and start selling them on etsy...I think there is a market, especially amongst we busy brides-to-be. LOL :)

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Sounds lovely! I'd like some more cheese options, and I think spinach would be a great addition to the veggies. Fresh basil and parsley would be really great, too.
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I'd trade out the spaghetti (long, messy, scary) and include ziti, rigatoni or rotelli instead. Keep it short.

Broccoli, olives, maybe a vodka sauce (pink sauce; not all of them actually have vodka in them....) diced prosciutto or ham (yummy with alfredo) slivered smoked salmon or baby shrimp

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Sun-dried tomatoes. Yum!

I have to fervently disagree with Celia. Some of us LOVE long pasta!! I'd like to see linguine or fettuccine, though-- they seem a little more elegant.
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It's not about loving it, I do too, but if people are going to be dressed up, they'll shy away from it.

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@SoontoBe...what is "shaker cheese"?

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We are having a pasta station - where thhe chef cooks for everyone. We will also have a few other stations as well.

but for the pasta station we chose:

Angel Hair


Sun Dried Tomatoes
Roasted Red Peppers


or Olive Oil and Garlic w/ Parmesan

Seafood option with:
Crab meat, Shrimp & Scallops
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