Party after Eloping?
With our current economy, my fiance and I decided to just elope to the Caribbean and get married there. This would save a lot of money for us especially because we have big families. To announce that we got married, we were thinking of sending out "Just Marriend" Invitations...Come Celebrate With Us kind of thing. It wouldn't be a traditional wedding reception, but rather just a regular party...the dinner and dancing kind. We would have this party 3 months after our elopement as this would give us some time to save up again. What do you guys think of this idea?

Married: 03/04/2009
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I think it's a great idea! Just a question though, why are you waiting for 3 months before having this party? Just wondering. A lot of people do it a few weeks after they get back from getting married.

More and more couples are choosing to go this route!

Married: 03/04/2009
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we wanted to wait 3 months after b/c of work schedules, budget, and of course the weather! we're getting married in march so we plan to have a party when it's warmer.
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The celebration is the important part.
As long as you are getting the family and friends together in a positive light to celebrate the two of you, your doing it right. And with a non traditional reception you can open the doors to completely different themes and event ideas. Pick a fun venue and have a blast.
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Sounds like a great idea!

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Honestly I love the idea, and my hubby and I thought of that when we just got married in our own town too by a Justice of the Peace, but we would have had a 2 month old baby to worry about too (which is why we gave ourselves 6 years to do something instead on). You can put it on your announcements and if 3 months is too short to put something together like we said on our announcements that we would have our reception with family and friends at a date and time to be determined in the future and put Save the Dates and Invitations to follow. If it's too hard to save up that kind of money in 3 months for you, you can delay it until you can afford it. Just let let them know you got married and you want to celebrate with them later.

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I think it's great! It's exactly what my fiance and I are doing! We're getting married in Puerto Rico with just immediate family, then having a party a couple weeks after we get back! Family, friends, coworkers ... everyone! It might be at a townhouse community's clubhouse ... we can rent the pool too! We'll continue our beach theme and have food and drinks catered.

The wedding and reception should be whatever YOU guys want! The wedding buzz could have already been killed 3 months after the actual ceremony ... but if it makes you guys happy ...

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It's a great idea...We are doing somewhat the same.
This is second wedding for us and just wanted to have a private ceremony together.
We are then having a casual reception/party with family and friends at a local park a month later. Catered by a BBQ place so we don't have to worry about doing the food ourselves.
So have fun. Do it like you want and have a great time! Take lots of pictures and enjoy your day!

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Jaye Reilly Photography
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This is traditionally called an "At Home Reception". We got married in the Caribbean and had two of these after getting back (though, we invited people down with us so it wasn't technically an elopement). Anyway, it can be whatever you want it to be! One of ours was a very traditional reception- cake, a DJ, the first dances, etc. The second one was more relaxed and help at a camp ground where we served a light lunch and most of our guests camped out for the night with us. Our guests all seemed to really enjoy themselves and all said that they were happy we decided to host these parties so they could celebrate with us. And of course everyone likes a free dinner!

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This is a fantastic idea. But I would do the party alot sooner than 3 months. You still want to be in the wedding spirit type deal, you know? hahaha, surprise your folks with an event that would take place less than a month after your elopement. I think you will love it. :)
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I think it is a Fantastic idea!

My husband and I ran off to Lake Tahoe and got married 13 years ago. I have never regreted the money we saved and how special and private our ceremony was. I would have a few pieces of advice.

1. Take tons of pictures and make a CD slideshow for you guests to see at the post wedding party.

2. Send out the anouncement right away letting them know that you are married and that the party will follow. Some people will send you money / gifts right away. That is not the reason to do it, but it naturally happens.

3. Wear the cutes (more casual) white wedding cocktail dress at your post wedding party after all you are the bride!

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I think it is highly appropriate and sounds like it will be fun.

My sister didn't exactly elope but they got married on a tropical island and no one could attend due to the distance. When they returned we had a big outdoor event.

go for it.

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We are doing the same thing. We are eloping the end of May -- just us but plan to have a big backyard bbq party in August. It was becoming very difficult to gather all the family from across the US for a ceremony - and then once they were here, we wouldn't really have any time to visit & sight see with them, so the best option was to have our own private ceremony. Not to mention we are early 50's & been there, done that before. This time, we wanted it to be "just for us". All the arrangements are nearly complete, including photographer, etc., just as with a public wedding. Then in August we'll have the big bash, casual attire.

Now, I'm trying to figure out how to word 'save the date' postcards to send out in March or April. Yes, in advance of our ceremony. I need to allow ample time for everyone to make flight & lodging arrangements. Besides, everyone pretty much already knows that we are engaged and "thinking about eloping".

Any ideas on the wording of the "save a dates"?
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Planning a party for after the wedding is great fun and waiting until you can afford the party you really want is a good plan too, however, if no one knows you're eloping, then you can word the invitation to the party any way you choose. Planning a celebration that is on the formal side? Send announcements that include a save the date for the big party without divulging what you're celebrating. I love all of the suggestions and really like the one from the person who says wear a cute white cocktail outfit - you're the bride! Need help planning the party - give me a call - my first consultation is free! Congratulations!!!

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My husband & I did the same thing. We were married on a cruise in April and are having our party next weekend. Yes, we waited 6 months for the party because of work, timing of out of town guests and finances. We sent a marriage announcement a few weeks after the wedding with a "Save the Date" for the reception. We then sent party invites a month before the reception date. We're looking forward to it! We're doing casual at a local restaurant. Good luck with yours!
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