Parents Wedding Gift From Bride and Groom Help
So me and FH are totally stumped on what to get for both of our parents as a gift to give at the rehersal dinner. I was hoping I could get some suggestions or hear what you gave your parents. Also, my Aunt is going to be officiating our wedding and we're not sure what to get for her either.
All suggestions are welcome!! Thanks!

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Just Reenski
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Not sure if you still have enough time, but these are my top contenders for my parents, both from Etsy shops.

The first is a hand written letter that gets properly baked into a platter by customsepia (though I'm going to find out if I can do something similar at a local paint your own pottery shop). The second is a frame on a frame by thesugaredplums.

For your aunt, what about the embroidered hanky idea?

Mrs. Reese's Pieces
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I just placed an order for two Thank You Platters... one for fiance's parents and one for my mom.

We actually plan on paying them back any money they have given us for the wedding... but I wanted to actually give them something as well. Another bride had posted this a while ago and found the Etsy seller. They should be coming in the mail sometime this week or next week! :)

ETA: Forgot to post picture.... and like to seller. LOL

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We did the embroidered hankie idea for both my parents and DH's parents. We went to a local embroidery place and had "Mother of the Bride", "Father of the Bride", etc and our wedding date placed on hankies. We gave the gifts to them along with some cigars for my dad (my FIL doesn't smoke cigars) at the rehearsal dinner. They loved them and used them during our wedding day.

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Thoes look cute, I'll have to poke around on Etsy during my lunch break and see if there's anything that I'll have enough time to order.

Mrs. Reese's Pieces
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PS: I just ordered these platters on Sept. 11 and Sept. 12 (I decided after the first purchase for fiance's parents that I would get my mom one) and I have already received notification that they have shipped.

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Not sure if you heard of all the cute things you can get from VistaPrint for free and such so thats what we did.
FFIL is getting a hat for free (will get him something else as well just haven't decided yet, maybe something football awesomeness related)
FMIL is getting a tote bag, sticky notes, note pad, and mug (free) and I made her a dress hanger
my mom is getting all the same things as FMIL I will also be getting them the floral corsages but they will be made of jewelry instead of real flowers.
My dad is getting a mug and some random things from VP as well and I will probably get him something else just haven't decided what yet.

If you have any questions of the VistaPrint stuff you have to ask, forum policy dictates I can not just post it w/o asking (long story)

edit to add: for the aunt does she have a hobby? My aunt did a reading for my first wedding and i got her a monogrammed wine stopper. Another reader i got an engraved book mark.
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I kind of wanted to spend some money on them because they have put a lot of money into this wedding. I also wanted to get them a gift as a couple not each indiviually. but thanks for the info!

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We bought both sets of parents a nice frame from Things Remembered and had them engraved with our names, wedding date and the message: "There is no greater gift than your love and support. Thank you." We plan to put a handwritten Thank You note in there for when we give it to them at the rehearsal dinner and then we will buy them their favorite wedding picture to put in there afterward!

Also, we bought my mom and dad something extra, since they helped us more financially (as is custom). We got them a photo box from Things Remembered. It has a place for two photos on the front, about 20 pages for photos inside as well as compartments at the back for storing the rest of the photos. The front is the same silver and beading as the frames we are getting both sets and is engraved with our names, wedding date and a quote about love. We plan to give that to them sometime after the wedding with all of our wedding photos inside.

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i did the platters also my parents LOVED them!

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i was thinking of a frame, but I felt weird giving an empty frame. I do like the idea of putting a note inside of it and getting the picture later.

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We decided to give our gifts after the wedding and we are compling pictures to load on digital picture frames for our parent. We figure this gift we can continue to update once we have kids.
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Do you have to give it to them the day of? how about a book from sutterfly with al lthe pictures from your wedding...I was thinking on doing that but since I'm pregnant we're going to give them lil baby gifts so they'll know they're expecting a grandbaby...

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we wanted to give it to them at the rehersal dinner. but I will definatly be doing somthing with pictures for them after the wedding as well.

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we got my mom a pandora charm.
We got his parents a really nice silver frame with sarvoski crystals that we will put a wedding photo in once developed

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I was just about to post the same queestion.
I'm having trouble with this too! I don't really like the hankie idea.
I'm on a limited budget too.

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We did the platters also, same as Mrs. Reeces Pieces. Both sets of parents loved them! I also put it in a bag that had each of their last names on them. I got the totes from for $5/each and did iron ons for thier names. I also included a hankie for each of them, candy, gum, and I did a t-shirt for both sets of moms...iron on crystals that said "mother of the bride" and "mother of the groom". Got them for sale at michael's for about $1/each and the tshirts from michaels also, I want to say they were 2 for $6.

I think if you want to do the platter you are going to need to order it soon because if I remember correctly, she requires at least a month's notice.

Good luck!
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