Parents song for Grand entrance?
So our parents are of the 50 - 60 year old age range. So I was wondering what songs people were using for the parents entrance at the reception? NEed something fun but appropriate for them :)

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bump.... anything people?

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Songs are not my thing.. They will be the hardest for me to choose :(


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I don't have any, mainly because I didn't know parents had a grand entrance. And I have to stop adding stuff. Good luck. I'll let you know if I think of some for you.

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why dont you ask them what song they would like? do they have a love song for each other?

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I don't want to start asking the 3 sets of parents and have them all pick totally different things. Plus usually when I ask things they just say "oh well whatever you want...." Its best to give them a couple options and let them pick! lol

And Kacee, all the videos I've been seeing for grand entrance have grandparents, parents, wedding party then bride and groom. Not doing grandparents, but parents maybe lol.
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