paper plates at reception?
is it tacky to use paper plates for the cake at the reception..i was thinking about getting some pink ones?

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As long as your wedding isn't a big formal affair, I think disposable is fine. I'm still going back and forth with what I want to do. I desperately want to use cloth napkins, but that might look funny with plastic plates and flatware!

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well, it would just be for the reception is going to be in the hall at the church in the afternoon...we arent using glass for the food, the caterers use clear plastic nice plates that looks real for the food, should i find clear plastic nice looking plates then for the cake as well?? ....i wouldnt say the reception is formal, first of all its in the daytime and secondly we are having finger foods!

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I would avoid it, unless your wedding is quite casual in general.

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If you're having clear plastic plates for food, I think using the same kind for the cake would be good, so it doesn't look like paper plates, ya know?
But! with the style of your wedding, I don't see that it would be a big deal. They typically use plastic/paper plates and stuff at church things anyway, right?

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Just for consistency I'd probably see if the caterer can provide plates for the cake or you should be able to find them on your own.

And I definitely would not mix cloth napkins with plastic plates/cutlery. Just spring for a good quality paper napkin in a matching or coordinating color.

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ok! good, i will go with the clear plastic! i saw some nice plates at hobby lobby and plus all their wedding stuff is usually half off! I love hobby lobby!

Thanks for all the replies!

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Hell Im doing it..BBQ style dinner so its quite ok for mine. Its just cake in you situation so I would do it

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the plates at Hobby Lobby are way overpriced. Check they are much cheaper there! (this is what Im doing so ive done my research on them!)

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May 25, 2010 at 1:45 AM • Flag As Inappropriate has good prices.

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i don't think so. just as long as they are nice.

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im in the same situation i havent decided if i wanna go with the fairytail weeding or da damask wedding....but i ran into these paper plates but not sure if it will look to tacky for my reception????

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As the caterer, I provided real china plates for the dinner, but cake was served on clear plastic 6" plates. A bride was welcome to upgrade to china for the cake, but there was an upcharge, and that usually involved extra labor fees, too, because real china plates take up more room in the catering van and are heavier than clear plastic.
Another advantage is faster clean up ....saving the bride labor costs on the catering bill.
However, with all of that said, I agree with the above posts that ask how formal the reception will be. You have to look at the overall picture to see how it fits in. If you serve the cake WAY after dinner (something I discourage because people hate waiting for wedding cake. I don't say that because I make cakes ..... I've listened to guests for 30 years.), then the time span between real china plates and cake on clear plastic may diminish and not be as noticeable..
Be true to the overall picture and formality of your event.

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I would go with clear plastic, they have them at sams clubs and they are cheap, no clean up and honestly, it's only cake so no one will really notice.

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i dont think the guests care as long as the plates dont collapse and the forks dont break
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If it matches the tone of your wedding go for it. It wouldnt be expected at a $100,000 wedding but if you are going for the casual, homey, intimate feel Im sure its ok. Although to be honest even if I was at a $100,000 wedding I dont know if Id even notice the plate was paper, when Im a guest at weddings I rarely notice the utensils unless they are like gold which hasnt happened yet lol

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Check out
They have tons of dinnerware to check out :-).

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