Palm Sunday Weekend
Do you foresee any issues with getting married on the Saturday before Palm Sunday? Thanks!

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No but I don't know anyone religious enough that would matter.

Amy A.
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Joanna G
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Ask your priest. My friend got married during Lent I think and they were not able to get altar flowers and had very minimal decorations. they LOVED it because of the costs savings.
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If you're getting married in a church, ask your clergy person.

Otherwise, no problem.

Palm Sunday would be April 13 in 2014.

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Nope, and my family's pretty religious and I still can't see them caring all that much about Palm Sunday. You might, however, run into issues with florists running low on things if they're doing big orders for Easter, so if you want certain types of flowers, I'd check with your florist on that.

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I don't see any reason why it would be.

The Mrs R
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As a religious person, I don't see any problems with this. I'd check with your officiant if your having the ceremony in a church to make sure there aren't any specific rules as other ladies mentioned, but I'd say go for it.

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The only thing you have to keep in mind is Lent. It ends Holy Sat but Palm Sunday is the weekend before. If you have a large amount of guests observing Lent, they may have special dietary needs (most of my family gives up rice, Beef and Pork for all of Lent) or giving up other things (my friends give up alcohol for Lent). These are just things to consider when selecting the menus. But honestly, I see no problem with it if you don't! :)
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