Overwhelmed with life
So is anyone else feeling overwhelmed with life.

As if working full time wasn't hard enough (well more like 50-60 hours a week), add planning a wedding (which well pretty much you all are, but I am now down 1 BM because she will be 8 months pregnant and doesn't feel comfortable being a BM anymore. I don't blame her one bit, I am thrilled for her because I know they have been trying), and add house hunting for our first home and yep I'm overwhelmed to say the least. I don't think FH realizes how stressful and overwhelming it is but figured you ladies might be able to relate.

Please tell me others are feeling the same way.

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Awww I think all of us share in that - I ask my fh for help w/ certain things or will try to delegate larger tasks that stress me out... and he says ok I will do it tomorrow - well why? do it now!!!

So even in delegating, I still tend to feel overwhelmed b/c I am not sure when it will get done...

Hang in there - enlist the help of some good friends and its ok to take a step back and breathe!! Your WW family is here for u!!!

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Oh YES! We just decided to do this wedding thing in January and set the date for October 15th. Things have definitely settled down a lot now that we have most of our vendors booked, but in the beginning it was so stressful I nearly chucked the whole plan many, many times and eloped. I have an extremely demanding career as well, three children between us, a home to keep up, pets, you name it. What helped me was to take a break from it all, just a few days to a week. I also talked to FH and he stepped up to the plate. Hang in there...you are not alone. That's what WW is for, right? : )

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Its just been hitting me today. I mean I feel good with where we are in planning we are ahead of the game, but I feel like once something slows down something else picks up.

I miss my nice "relaxing" weekends where there wasn't work, wedding, or house hunting stuff. I wish we had time to just head to the mountains with my dog and go camping. I can't wait to have that kind of time back.

Also I don't want this to come off as complaining because I am grateful for all the greaet things that are occuring in my life, its just a little overwhelming at times.
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The title definitely explains my life right now! I took a good long shower and cried this evening, lol. On top of working and wedding planning, I'm finishing grad school in June (and have to job search in the meantime), and right now we're doing work with this INSANE bootcamp dog trainer for my dog. She's been at his place for "rehab" for 3 weeks now, and I got home tonight from an awful session with him. He tries to make it into therapy for me-been there done that-I don't need this man trying to figure out my life! I stood there crying today after a long day at work and finals this week. Ahh...I'd like to crawl into a hole until the day after my wedding!! Anyone is welcome to join in my hole of hiding :)
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As much as I wanted to get engaged and start the wedding planning and our marriage I am glad my FH proposed about a month before I completed my masters (I didn't start any planning until I finished my last exam). There is no way I would have been able to add wedding planning to my grad school and full time work.

So I can understand or only imagine how challenging that can be AMY P. Keep up the good work, it will all be worth it.

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Thanks Stacy! I'm really on top of the planning, but as it gets closer my nervous breakdowns seem to increase. If one more person tells me, "Wow--you're going to graduate and get married in less than 6 months!" I may flip, lol.

My FH tries to be helpful, but there's not much he can do about all the extra things. I asked him to take my finals tomorrow, but he declined. Clearly I'm studying so hard since I'm on here :)

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oh yes, many many times ... heck I broke down crying today in the car because of the amazing job interview I had ... so happy to have well hopefully have 1 more thing off my plate ... then I come home to my Mom saying, ummm you need to finish the STDs, buy the stamps tomorrow and get those in the mail ... along with the fact I am in graduate school and yeah I am yet to even read 1 chapter for this week ... taking tomorrow off of work (I'm a substitute) just so I can get through the chapters and my discussion posts ... Sometimes I wish FS and I, had stuck with our original date of June of 2012 but we really wanted to just get the marriage thing done ...

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@Soon to be-Did you get the job?!?! So glad it went will and hope you got it!

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Congrats on the job interview and hopefully new job! I cried in the car today too, lol, but because I was too overwhelmed.

Sometimes I wish I had waited until after grad school to do the planning, too, but I figure there will always be something, right? If it's not school stress, it will be the stress of a new job. And then I'm just grateful I don't have kids like some other people do on top of it...they deserve an award!

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I'm not nearly as busy as many of you ladies, but I get overwhelmed too. I think it's totally normal!
When I was dress shopping I actually left my second appointment half an hour early choking back tears b/c I was just so overwhelmed and had to get out of there! So strange, but it was just how I felt at the time!!

It's hard too b/c I feel like everyone is watching me and just waiting for me to snap and have a bridezilla moment, so there's a lot of pressure to act as if you have it completely together all the time. I have a friend who if I say something like, "I wonder what kind of veil I should get" (for example) she'll be like, "woah, it's going to be OK - just breathe!!!!" and I'm like, "I'm fine....I was just making conversation...." haha

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I totally understand. Last week I had had broke out in tears after trying to communicate to a couple of vendors. Not typically a crier either lol. It seems when u plan a wedding over a year away the vendors are hard to communicate with or don't answer at all. I was pms-ing, trying to quit smoking, getting ready to put my home up for sale, getting quotes for painting, talking to 2 realators, dealing with my mom who has alzheimers, and working lol. Also I will be getting married in May 2012 and immediately after, moving to Canada, leaving behind my mom in her condition and my 19 yr old daughter. It's definately overwhelming, but I am making it through it one day at a time and feel much better about things this week. I hope things work out for u, I'm sure they will. Just take a deep breath and make sure to take a little time for yourself. I recommend a facial or massage lol.

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@StacyG - we're all there with you Stacy!
My situation is moving, looking for a new job, & planning/doing a wedding in 2 different cities.
Had many meltdowns or near meltdowns.
But like my FH said in his numerous pep talks:
It's like being in a batting cage, you just swing at each ball that comes your way.
Can't do anything else but.
My biggest advice & what has worked for us is to focus on yourselves once in awhile.
Take a step back from the "go-go" & do something you both love (the normalcy).
That gives you a breather from the hectics.

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So house hunting is done..well hopefully. Our offer was ratified and we had a home inspection which went realitively good. However we need a new roof so we will see what the seller says.

I just feel like I am juggling a zillion balls in the air and they are all starting to fall down. Oh goodness wish us luck with the whole house thing.

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Good luck with that Stacy G.
You are brave to hit this crazy market esp. in the DC Area.

Are you staying in Loudoun Cty?

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Thanks CK t.

Yep house in Loudoun County. We shall see the loan is a little harder because we are doing a VA loan and they are pickier than other loans and have to do an appriasal still. We are really worried about the roof. Wish us luck, I finally broke down from all the stresses and cried this weekend. My FH didn't know what to do because I am not really a crier so he has only seen me cry maybe 1 or 2 other times.

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Hang in there Stacy, my FH & I have gone through all the crazies these last couple of weeks & this wedding & life thing sure test both of us & the partnership.
But that is what it's suppose to do no? LOL!

We are 3.5 weeks out & tons of of stuff on the list. So you got it easy!
Just take a good swing at it.

btw - VA loans are just more paperwork. & if it's meant to be...it will be!


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We got the house!!!

The seller is going to fix everything and closing is on schedule April 29th!!!

So excited, this week have been filled with some good news all around.

Maybe all the stress is worth it, but it definitely test the relationship.

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Awesome & congrats!
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