Outdoor wedding - Tents?
I'm having an Outdoor wedding and we are looking around for quotes on tents. Would any know how much a 40x60 would go for? The best price we got is $1500.

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Yeah those big tents are expensive. That's why we are going with a couple of smaller tents and having a backup plan/reception at a nearby Hall. I found it to be cheaper than getter a big tent.

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The tent quotes I got for that size were roughly around $800-$1000. Depending on where you are having the reception they might have a tent there and it could be cheaper to rent it from them than another rental company which is more likely to charge you more.
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Amber....$1500 sounds about right for a 40x60 highpeaked pole tent rented in PA. We charge that amount for our 40x60 and PA and CT have pretty similar rental rates for party and event rentals. How did you come up with the 40x60 size? Did all of the rental companies tell you that is the size you needed by how many guests you are having plus everthing else you need under the tent? (dance floor, dj, bar, ect)
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Sounds about right. FWIW, someone on craigslist down here in harrisburg has a 20x30 for $1200, for sale. Just remember, at least for our wedding, that fee also includes them coming the day before and setting it up, and then tearing it down the next day. I used to be a sailmaker in the past, and I'll tell you that fabric is HEAVY that the tents are made out of.

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I just had to put down my deposit for the tent, it is SOOO expensive!! I am getting married in the Florida Keys in July so I have to get a tent so people are not baking in the sun. I checked two places and the prices were about the same, HIGH!! I think my total is $2500 for 30 x 50 tent with lighting, lining, and setup.

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thanks everyone
tylerm, we are having it outside in my uncles backyard we measured where we would want to tent and came up with the 40x60, we are having about 180 people, so we are going to have a 10x10 tent to put the DJ under next to the 40x60. does that seem right?

Shae's Event Resources

Shae's Event Resources
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Hey Amber we have some tents on our amazon site, i've had several events pull the (sidewalls) a panel and drape on two and combine them to make them the size you want. We also have fairly large tents on there.

It's not an easy task the advantage is you get to keep the tents its yours. If you don't want to keep it (which most dont) they turn around and donate it, which then you can use as a tax right off. They are also cheaper to buy them than renting them. You also do have to put it up and take down, but some people are willing to take that on while others aren't!


If you have any questions feel free to email me shannon@shaeseventresources.com

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We are paying just over $1200 for a 30x40 with cathederal sidewalls, plus the tables, chairs, some of the lighting and the dance floor, setup and tear down. That was about the cheapest I could find it for in my area.

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thanks shae's but I didnt see the size I need 40x60 but it is a good idea our family has parties all the time so keeping one would be a good idea.
jnas you are paying 1200 for all of that? that is a great deal!! I think the one I found came to 2900 for all of that

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Amber... trust me, it took LOTS of hunting around to find it for the price I did. Especially since we live in Tallahassee and the reception is in West Palm Beach. I contacted just about every rental company I could find and finally found this place in Miami. Fantastic prices!! And yes that total includes my delivery and pick up.

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I can't believe tents are sooo expensive! I have been looking for one too and I havn't been able to find a decent price on a tent big enough for the number of guests we are having.So I am thinking of buying 2 smaller sized tents and put them about 10-20 feet apart from each other(side by side) and using tulle or some other kind of fabric to drape over the top to kind of connect them.I don't know if this will work but it was an idea I came up with.Also I thought of maybe connecting the two tents and setting up a few tables close to them but not under them and seating some of my friends there.They rent tables with umbrellas so I thought that might be an idea too.

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Are both the ceremony and reception outside? Just another idea.....our ceremony was outisde and instead of renting an expensive tent we rented these big white umbrellas. They were really pretty and only like $20.00
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Amber...that will work great..for 180 guests. The 10x10 for the DJ will work well too if it doesn't rain. If it does rain just have a plan of where you can move him under the big tent. Make sure when you measure you know how much room you really need. You will need atleast 52x72 area to allow room for staking.
I know people are suggesting putting a few smaller tents together rather than one large one but it never really looks "right" and if it rains your guests won't be happy if they are the ones at the seams or on the edge because its a bit smaller. You should be able to get a company to come out and measure for the tent for free to make sure you have enough room.

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Where is the location of the wedding $1,500 does seem rather high, but price varies considerably by location.
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