Options for "aisle runner" on grass for outdoor wedding
Does anyone know of anything I can use as a make-shift "aisle runner" on grass? Our wedding is outside on a grassy area and I don't know what to do. Not sure I'll be able to find shoes that will work on grass and not sink. I don't want to wear flats or ballet slippers because my finance is 6'1". So I thought maybe I could use stepping stones or maybe some sort of alternate option for an outdoor runner. Anyone have any ideas????

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our wedding is on the beach and the wedding planner organized a "matting" runner with a fabric overlay.

I found a couple of websites that do the matting runner - there are tons of cheap websites for fabric runners, including ebay. Here is one that seems reasonable:


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You could wear flats or ballet slippers to the ceremony and change into heels for the reception. I think that is what I will do because my ceremony is also outside and I am worried about the heels sinking into the ground, but my fiance is 6'6" so flats and dancing wont work so well.
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Being a garden venue I'd suggest: 1) thesolemates.com - check out the sleeve they make for heels that'll protect your heels & prevent sinking in the grass - $10/pr 2) runners in grass can be a recipe for tripping as the surface will be very uneven. Consider rose petals down the edges, it's a pretty look for pics.


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Never use fabric straight on the grass... an accident waiting to happen. For an outdoor wedding I got some plywood pieces that were approximately 3ft x3ft that were painted white. I think we had 4 or 5 of them. I placed them down on the grass like stepping stones with about 6-8 inches between each one. Then right before the wedding I used a ton of rose petals and filled in the gap between and down the sides of the boards. It ended up being safe and beautiful with the grass on the edges still exposed.
The heel covers are found here....http://www.belledivine.co.nz/cleanheels.html..... a good alternative to sinking in the grass.
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I agree with adayremembered. As an Officiant, I am standing there holding my breath as the bride tries to walk on an aisle runner outdoors toward me. It does not work. I have seen too many brides trip and did witness a dad fall flat on his face. Many vendors will not rent aisle runners for outdoors for this reason. The liability is huge. Use rose petals, torches to line your aisle, or shepherd hooks to line your aisle and forget the aisle runner. It won't lay still, will look all wrinkled and messy in your photo's and you don't want to take a chance on anyone tripping & falling.
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