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Anyone ever purchased a dress off the internet?? I'm so torn about the dress i ordered, and am now having second thoughts! I bought Maggie Sottero Anniston, but i also LOVE LOVE Allure 8913.....Not sure what to do here? I have found this site online called and I'm not real sure about it the prices are way too good to be true. I even tried to see if anyone had a Allure 8913 for sale but no such luck! Anyone ever purchased a wedding dress off that site or one similar? Just don't want to get screwed over, and pretty sure it has to be a knock off of allure! I mean a dress that's 1800 priced at 400....knock off.
Any advise? Also my wedding is in August so not really sure if i can order the 8913 at the bridal shop?

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Andrea Ank.
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There are so many people that have had bad experiences with ordering from an online dress maker. The quality is poor as well as the workmanship.
Look to see if the place is in China or overseas. That will be your first clue.
There is another place online that you can try, its called
They usually have a lot of Allure bridal gowns.
Good luck!

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I would try something like, ebay, or Craigs list first..many girls purchase a dress and for some reason or another cannot use it so they sell it quite cheaper than the stores, typically with tags still on them.

If you have time and money to spend then you could try ordering off of a website...I say time and money because that way if the dress comes to you looking horrible and a total knock off, you still have the resources to get to a store and buy a new dress.

Just Reenski
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If the prices are too good to be true, there's a reason for it. Use the Google search to the right to look up stories (and pictures) of dresses bought online from knock off sites. Hayley in particular has links to warn you from doing so.

Have you tried on the Allure dress? If you're only looking at pictures, it could look better on the model than it would on you -- that has happened to more than one of us.

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yes i tried the dress on at the shop, really liked it. But the maggie was a little cheaper so i went that way.


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I would order from David's bridal

Just Reenski
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You could try They're the real dresses made by the designer, but are often cheaper. I saved about $300 on mine.

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I will second It is an actual bricks and mortar building called Carole Frews Bridal in Illinois. As Alina mentioned they sell the real deal. However, I would not order unless you know your proper size by either getting professionally measured or based on the sizing of the specific designer when you actually try on your dress at a store. Also, make sure you are fully aware of the return policy.

I ordered my daughter's Maggie Sottero Bernadine cathedral length veil from there. The salon where she bought her dress was selling it for $500, I paid $198.

On the other hand, I ordered a BM dress for my wedding dress. It was not designer by any stretch. I had never even heard of the designer. The dress that arrived did not fit and most importantly did not match the picture they posted on their website. They did refund my money because of the designer's mistake.

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I ordered mine online. I just made sure that the policies were safe. Like if I get the dress and it's not at all like I expect, I get a full refund. I gave very specific measurements and whatnot. I will receive it at the end of May. I'll post pictures and an update for whoever else has purchased online (:

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Everyone's experience is different I purchased my first wedding dress online from China and it was stunning and just wonderful, I ended up selling it and that person had no complaints. You have to be very careful and do your research and know the refund and return policy.
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