Old Brides/Grooms Too old to get Married/ReMarried?
Have any of the older brides and grooms been told that "you are too old" to get married? FH and I will be both be starting our second marriage. I will be 43 and he 51 when we marry, "but we both have jobs" (FH over 20 years at the same place), "kids" (7 to be exact), "bought" and lost houses (to the Ex's), only Associates degrees (but we tried, then the kids came along), ... I know I am leaving a lot out but my point is that I would not change any of it. It was all part of "my life" and I did not hash it out on anyone else.

I can not wait to marry the "love of my life" "best friend" and all that carp. I am not a sappy person and have never really believed in "love", but dang this man and I are "it" and we need to hurry before we are really too old.

Are any of the older brides/grooms getting negativity because of your age or remarriage? Do you have any wise advice on how to handle those remarks?

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My aunt, I think is 53? And I have a feeling she thinks she is "too old"... I totally disagree though :(

Marie S. (aka Princess Leia)
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Yep I hear ya! I'll be 42 and FH is 46. 2nd time for me & 1st for him. I've got 2 sons, 19 & 14. Both sides of our immediate family are telling us to go to the JOP and the take our wedding budget and just have a little party and then take a 3 week trip to Europe. They all keep saying the Memories you two will create on a killer vacation but what no one is thinking about is the memories we'll have planning this shindig - we really r having a blast. We crack up laughing every nite looking at these boards or different ideas we find on the web.
FH wants a wedding with all of the pomp & circurmstance and I didn't really have a wedding so to speak the 1st time so I kinda want one.
My sons keep begging us to take our budget and buy them hot rod cars - ugh. told them both to get a job and a clue.

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FH's stepsister wondered why we were getting married, why didn't we just continue to live together (her mother and FH's father lived together for many years but never got married)? The wedding is only a formality she says? Well, we want that formality. we want everyone to know that we love each other so much that we can't conceive of a life without each other. This committment is for US, not for anyone else.
BTW - I am 58 and he is 67. We have both been married before and neither of us thought we would find the love of our life this late in the game. Just goes to show you, love is around the corner no matter what stage of life you are in.

Congrats and much happiness to you both!

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I just read an article that an 83 year old woman got married. I'm pretty sure that if she can do that anyone can without being told they're "too old"!

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Im sorry but I think that in light of the other posts asking if people are too young to get married..I find this post funny. Not to be rude or anything...I think that if you find someone that makes you happy, and you both can grow together, then do what you want. Marriage takes alot of work...my mom got remarried after 19 years of marriage to my dad, and she was 42 when she got remarried..they just celebrated 6 yrs. Good luck to you!

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you can tell them "oh but it feels amazing to know how many people are inspired and given hope that love can be found at any age!"

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Never ever too old to get married. I am nearly 40 and my now husband is 45. We had a full blown wedding. Both our 2nd marriages.

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@Kathryn, Girl you got it. You were definitely not being rude. I was trying to make light of all the young posts.
Only our kids tease us. Heck we didn't really want the whole shebang wedding but our families have been so excited we figured why not have "our dream beach wedding". I know we will be together until god willing, which is the comfort that I did not have in my early 20's. The whole thing about if you have a kid, a job, a degree, a house, doesn't really matter at age, although some of it helps. If a young or old person is making a mistake, let them make it. As long as I don't have to pay for their mistakes then I don't really care how old they are when they marry.
Good luck to all of you.
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I'm 42 and feel too old for a wedding. If I were 10 years younger I'd like to have a wedding. But after being married once without a wedding and having two kids, and my boyfriend can't get remarried in his church, also we'd pay for it all ourselves and our families live on the other side of the country and wouldn't attend, I don't see the point. But I'm disappointed. I want the wedding I never had and I resentful that we can't marry in his church and that his ex-wife won't change her last name. I want his name but don't want it to be his ex-wife's last name too.
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