Officiant fee
What is the customary fee for the wedding officiant?
The pastor from my church is going to be our wedding officiant, but the wedding is not at the church, it's at an outdoor location. Since his fee is not included as part of our wedding location, I wanted to get an idea on what to pay him.

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Our officiant fee is $200 for him to come to our wedding location. I think that is about typical.

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I call my local court house and found ours, and he is charging us $50.00 and $25.00 for travel time.

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my officiant is charging us $125...

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I think it depends in what part of the country you live in and whether you're located in a metropolitan, suburban, or rural area. Costs increase depending on the cost of living. $200 was the lower end. Some charged $400. And I have heard that others would even charge $600! But there is definitely room for negotiation. Shop around and try to get a feel for the officiant--whether your personalities mesh. It's actually kind of important and will be a lasting impression/memory for you as you look back on your wedding day and ceremony. For your situation, I think anywhere from $50-$200 would do. But that's just my opinion. Also, is a rehearsal included? Will he coordinate that the day or night before the wedding? Is he available and willing to go out to the same location too?

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I agree with picoult81. It was $100 for a deposit for our officiant to remove our date from his books, and $150 will be due the day of the ceremony. If you're a member of the church, I think most people usually give them $100-$150 for their time.
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A customary fee for a basic wedding officiant is $200.00. Wish you the best!

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We paid $250.00 to have a ceremony customized just for us. Then I paid an additional $25.00 for the sand ceremony supplies. In our area there were some as low as $150.00 and others as high as $699.00. I think you get what you pay for. The low end of the field didn't seem to have much experience and the conversation on the phone with them was not very cohesive. The officiant we used was perfect and I am glad we hired them.
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