October Brides check in
I just realized I have 5 months left :o

What I have done:venues,florist,Bms dresses,area went out,invites stuffed came topper

Need to finish:get centerpieces,flower girl dress,groomsmen attire photographer cake jop pay off my dress get FH ring and a lot of little things

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I haven't done much in the past month, lol. Been busy running around trying to buy this stupid house! Ble =P I did some "do not disturb" door hangers for my OOT peeps (new project), I finished a few favors. I also made personalized koozies for the guys. I've been working to finish the table names and FH is going to start suit shopping in the next couple weeks!

I still have a lot of little crap....we haven't purchased our rings yet, but that's because we will need every penny to close on the house (hopefully sometime this week!) so we haven't been making any purchases over $100, because no one can tell us with any certainty what the amount owed will be when we close!

Once closing is done, wedding stuff will be back in full gusto!

Married: 10/13/2012
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Date triplets! As of today, I have venue, dj, photographer, photo booth, my dress, BM dresses, FG dress, GM attire picked out, rings purchased, centerpiece materials purchased and officiant. I have started buying things for my BM gifts, have the favors picked out, invites are currently being shipped to me, almost all of the important music picked. The one thing I can't decide on is flowers. I keep changing my mind as to what I want in the bouquets. FH is a computer whiz and makes everything I ask him to on VP. I am almost done! We are expecting a baby in July so I need to be done with every thing before her arrival.
Keep chugging along ladies!
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I am a couple weeks later than you ladies but i have almost everything done! I have my cathedral, my reception venue, catering (inc. linens and silverware), I have my dress which is pain in full and alterations have been commissioned, I have my cake, my limo, my DJ and Photobooth, flowers, BP is picked, tuxes are ordered, I have my cake toppers, STD;s are sent out, we're picking out BM dresses in June, final cake and menu tastings are in june, rehearsal dinner booked, shoes and undergarments are bought, centerpieces are designed. Hair and Make Up secured, songs are picked, invitations picked out, photographer booked, registries started, guestbook purchased, Tiara's purchased, hotel rooms for the night before booked, limo booked. ETC....just worrying about little things now.

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*booohooooo* all my Oct brides.... i've moved farther away.... but I can't wait for all your weddings

Lee I.
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Haha! Date Quadruplets!!

We still need the caterer.. ugh I know.. the cake, GM tuxes, linens, china rentals, finish BM gifts, get GM gifts, get a wedding gown.. ugh I know!! Favors.. soo much to do!!

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Atleast I'm not the only one that feels behind

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Leena-No dress yet? Ahh! When are you getting it? I ordered mine last October and it will be in this month, May. I am so excited to see it again.

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Tonight FH and I ordered our invites! I am so excited to get them. VP says they should be here in about two or so weeks. I really hope they turn out okay. We got them for under what our budget was for them so we were happy. So far we have the reception site, ceremony site, we're doing our premarital counseling, picked the tuxes, booked the photographer, meeting with the dj in two weeks, booked the florist, did the food tasting which went really well. What needs to be done? Wow, I feel like everything. Two of my BMs still need to order their dresses but of course that's not in my control, still need to order my FG dress for my daughter, have to order FH wedding band since I already have mine(came with my e-ring) We pick out the cake in July since that is apart of our package with the venue and I am super excited for that. Ladies, what am I missing here??? Then of course there are all the other DIY things. Wow, I am starting to get anxious thinking about it all. Just 5 months to go. :)

Ms. 2 Mrs.
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I have officially 5 months, 11 days and 17 hours, 16 minutes until my big day (according to the android app "Wedding Countdown") I have:
1) Booked my ceremony location
2) Booked the reception venue
3) Picked out the BM & Flowergirl dresses
4) Booked my cake/grooms cake
5) Booked my linens/arch for head table
6) Purchased all of my decorations/guestbooks/centerpieces, etc.
7) Picked my garter
8) Picked my shoes
9) Have my dress/veil/earrings
10) Booked my MUA
11) Booked my photographer/bridal portraits
12)I have my Bridal Shower dress
13) Started my DIY Projects
14)Purchased my ring/FH
15) I have all my candy buffet supplies minus the candy
16) Mailed the STD's
17) Booked the after party suite

I still need:
1) Another flowergirl basket
2) BM's to order the dresses by May 11th
3) My bracelet
4) Take back some extra things I bought
5) Make the throwaway bouquet
6)Dress alterations
7)Book my horse and carriage
8)marriage certificates
9)Wedding cake appliques

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Future Mrs. Miz...Good for you for having all of that stuff done! I took notes on what I need to get done. lol

Ms. 2 Mrs.
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I also booked my DJ and uplighting and bouquet.I also did my wedding registries.

I do need to pick out the grooms attire, schedule the honeymoon, alterations, pick out my hairstyle, trial run with the hair and make-up, pick out my final dinner menu and schedule the day of timeline.
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Ms. To Mrs. You are just on the ball :)

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omg ms t0 mrs you make me want to CRY!!! hahaha you are on it!! we have to finish paying for venue/cater, get centerpieces, cake, my 2nd dress -- omg i need a drink!

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Ladies these next five months are going to fly by!

Ms. 2 Mrs.
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I have to do everything early or I can't sleep at night! LOL

Married: 10/20/2012
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I am so glad that I'm not the only one behind. I still have basically everything left to do. I guess that is the way it goes when you have 3 school age children...

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Venue is secured, gown is done, working with a photographer now. Don't have to worry about invites and such - we're basically eloping. It's just going to be our witnesses and that's it so we don't need to go through all this hassle any more. But we are still looking for an officiant that will do "our" ceremony. BP is on their own for their own clothing.

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WAAAHHH!!! I dont have a date twin :(

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Gabrielle, I ordered our invites from vista print and they showed up in like 3 days... I opted for 21 day shipping!

Cant wait to see them :D

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You do have a date twin Michelle! :)

Done - dress ordered; tux picked out; photographer, baker, caterer, dj, DOC, rentals booked; favors done; STDs mailed; linens & decor have been bought; purchased our rings.

BM have been told to order dresses by 5/14; FH still has to ask one more groomsman.

Had a blast on Vista Print tonight, they have a penny sale going on.

Still to do - book florist, officiant; need to work on invitation folders and a few other DIYs
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