October 18, 2014
I was wondering if there were any other October 18, 2014 brides on here! I got engaged in late December and have really enjoyed the planning process so far! I thought it would be really cool to keep in touch with other October brides to share planning stories and help each other along the way/keep each other from getting too overwhelmed! What all has everyone gotten done so far?

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I'm October 12th. Yay for October brides!

So far we have the venue, caterer, photographer, my dress and MUA. I have all my DIYS planned and in process. I can't wait to show them!!

What I've learned through the planning process so far is to really just relax and enjoy being engaged. Have Fun!

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10/25 here!! We have the venue, caterer, photog, dj, and shuttle booked. We are doing flowers ourselves.
Now we have rings and little things to go!

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Yay for October 18th brides!!! Congrats on your engagement!!!
I feel very overwhelmed and so far behind! We have the venue which comes with the catering and cake, photographer and my dress. That's about it. I'm pretty much flying solo with all of the research, but have some pretty awesome bridesmaids who are helping me out.

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Yay!!! I'm so excited for all of the October brides! To everyone overwhelmed about not having as much done, don't worry! You still have some time!! This checklist has really helped me and i will share it with yall (don't get overwhelmed if you're behind, you will be fine!!)

9 months or earlier:
-create blog or website to post wedding news and information
-discuss budget with each other & families (& stick to it)
-create inspiration notebook, folder, or look at pinterest for ideas
-hire wedding planner (i opted out of this)
-choose and ask attendants
-put together a guest list (rough draft is fine)
-book site for ceremony
-book site for reception
-book officiant
-book musicians for ceremony
-book band/DJ for reception
-order dress & veil piece

six to nine months before:
-book photographer
-book videographer
-book florist
-start shopping online for everything from vendors to dresses
-select and order attendant's dresses and accessories
-reserve rental equipment

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-meet with caterer to plan menu and schedule tasting
-order invitations and other wedding stationary
-book calligrapher
-send save-the-date cards
-make arrangements with hotel to hold block of rooms for out-of-town guests
-book room for your wedding night
-investigate honeymoon destinations and travel arrangements
-register for wedding gifts

--hope this helps get some people on track if they need it! we still have time so breathe easy fellow brides-to-be! :D

I also really reccommend getting the book I got that from: "The Bride's Essential Book of Lists; Things to Do & Questions to Ask" by Amy Nebens. It is a huge help!

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I'm Oct 19! I have yet to find a date twin.
We have our venue, Dj, videographer, photographer, favors, BM dresses, gown ordered, officiant. I have a draft STD that will be going out shortly and someone to do invites. I have someone for hair (but not make-up).
We still need to do the flowers and cake and pick the guys suits.
Oh and we registered last weekend.

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mrs s, registering was so much more overwhelming for me then i thought it would be! my fiance and i don't live together yet so we are starting from scratch and man oh man, it's crazy how much you have to think about! i don't have the videographer, BM dresses, save the date, invites, hair, or make-up yet, or the guys suits--still so much for me to do, but luckily i'm not too stressed out yet! lol! congratulations! :)

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Congrats to you as well! We live together, but our stuff is still a mish mash so we ended up registering for a lot more than i thought we would. Yikes!

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YAY October brides!!!! I am 10/25/14 and all the big items are booked- venue w/caterer, DJ, photographer, limo, florist, bought my dress and accessories (need shoes) and picked bridesmaid dresses. Just need to order men's tuxes, rings and invites. Save the dates are going out next month. I won't know what to do with myself for the next few months except pay everyone.....looking forward to cake tasting and meal sampling next!

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Yeah I think registering is probably a headache for a lot of people! Lol! I'm impressed with how much everyone has done! I really have a long way to go! I get overwhelmed about the little details but just trying to take it one day at a time!

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i definitely need to get on my hair and make up to make sure i get who and what i want! i kinda want to wait on the hair part though bc im hoping that my hair grows a little by then and will be longer. sooo impatient about that tho!

i'm really excited about our favors--music is a HUGE passion of mine and so i am picking songs that mean something to me and my fiance & burning cds for everyone with our engagement pictures printed on the cds! luckily my MOH and my fiances best man (MOH and best man are married) are pretty genius and helpful!

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I'm a october 18th bride too! I have my dress, bridesmaid dresses, photographer, venue and officiant, cake baker, and the music for the ceremony picked out aswell as the musician for the ceremony. Still trying to decide on caterer, I know what invitations and save the dates i want but haven't ordered them yet. Looking in the hairstylists for the day of and a florist. Photographer is pretty much booked as well as boudoir and engagement photos, just need to put a deposit down. phew… Writing it all out makes me feel better!

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I am also 10/18/14!!! Congrats! We need to find our cake and I am unsure about table numbers.

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I am Oct. 24th! Im so glad that you posted a thread like this, it is pretty exciting to see all of these people that will be getting married within a month of me! I am apparently way behind on the planning tho because I don't have anywhere near as much done as a lot of you lol. Happy planning everyone!

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I have gotten our guest list almost finalized, chosen our save the dates, chosen the ceremony site, and narrowed down or reception site to two venues. I better get on it!

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I love October brides!!! Where is everyone getting married?!

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That's my wedding day too! Its Sweetest Day! And im a pastry chef and My FH is a chef.. we work together for years . He started a new job we got together and the rest is history. So excited to married my best friend!

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I was an Oct 18 bride for a hot second. We went from Oct 11 to 18 back to 11 and are now at October 4, 2014. FH just found out one of his best friends and a groomsman can't come then, so now we're looking maaaaaybe at Sept 20. Gah, I feel so out of whack flipping dates so much! That's not how we are with things non wedding related at all!

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And I have so so much to do.. still waiting on venue. Till then im in a holding pattern. . Might have to start looking for new place and don't want to do that.. plus its going to be big250-300 people. . I've got alot of work to do!
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