NY, NJ rustic venues on a tight budget?
HI- new to this. Not yet engaged but know its coming. Soooo, Im trying to get an idea of budgeting and how much I need to save. Has anyone had a NY, NJ barn wedding? Im looking at a very small guest list (about 30 ppl). Would like to keep costs for venue, caterering and open bar low....is it possible to do this for less than $10k??? Any venue suggestions?

Not included in this 10k is dress, decor (going do some DYI), photography


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There are a ton of places in Upstate NY.....Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, Long Lake, check the Finger Lakes area.......Take a NY map and check the Adirondacks and you will fiind wonderful rustic places. Lake George and the Cascade area is another place to check.......Then, you and FH take a weekend road trip, pack your tent and start researching. I live on Lake Titus, which is gorgeous, but I'm prejudice:) REALLy, check those places out.

And how could I forget Lake Champlain (NY side or Burlington, VT side)....all gorgeous.
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The tough part isn't really the budget, it's trying to find a venue for a small group, as I'm sure you've found out. I did a wedding last weekend at the Inn at Ferndale Farm, (Chesterfield NJ) which is gorgeous, but I don't know about the minimum. Perona Farms, in Andove NJr is not a farm per se, but it has a barn on the premises. The Stockton Inn and the Prallsville Mill, both in Stockton NJ are beautiful and rustic.

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Welcome to the WeddingWire Community @Melissa! As you can already see, there's a great group of brides, grooms AND wedding professionals who are eager and willing to help out with whatever questions you might have!

Happy planning!

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Perona Farms is on my list!!
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Perona is great. We've been there many,many times and they always do a great job. They have all kinds of great settings for photos, the food is great, and their staff just rocks. I think it's a great value too.

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Congrats and good luck planning! Please take a moment to read on how to change your avatar so we remember you!

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My bff's wedding was at Alliare State Park in Farmingdale, NJ. It was very pretty, but tiny.
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I forgot Schooley's Mountain, in Morristown, Flat Rock Brook, in Englewood, and Camp Rickabear, in Kinnelon.

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There are a lot of state parks with lower venue fees... i think my church fee was like 1500 for members but the park we are marrying, in upstate ny had 600 site fee

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Try the Queens Farm Museum in Queens, NY.

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Look up Shelburne Farms, VT.....I hear it's beautiful, but don't know about weddings.

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A friend just booked Perona Farms, Saturday afternoon wedding, and got a price of $75pp. Perona has beautiful grounds. Good luck with your search!

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We came across this sight njbarnwedding.com Frungillo Caterers who did my wedding took over this place. Its a real Barn, looks great.

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