NWR: What is a good non greasy body lotion???
I am looking for a light non greasy/ oily body lotion. I have tried Lubriderm, Aveeno, and Eucerin, but they all seem to feel kind of heavy, like they keave a film on my skin. I am wondering if any6 of you ladies have any suggestions for me. Thanks =)

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I use vasaline's body lotion...it seems to be less greasy.

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I only use my bath and body works lotion and it doesn't leave a greasy aftermath.

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For something REALLY light, try Cetaphil (or a much cheaper, but equivalent drug store brand of the same) Gentle Cleanser. It's marketed as a soapless cleanser (you just apply and wipe off, no rinsing necessary), but my dermatologist also recommended using it as a very, very light moisturizer. I also use it in the shower to shave with.
Otherwise, I am happy with Terralina. It's an all-natural brand that I've only seen online, but they often have 50% off or BOGO sales.
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Keri! Love that stuff. So many lotions feel greasy on me too and this is the only one i found that doesnt. I got it at walgreens i think...Its in a black bottle

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I love Oil of Olay Quench. It soaks n really well and I love the smell. The best lotion I've ever bought though is from the dermstore. EXtendlife, not cheap, but it was amazing.

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My dermatologist recommended Amlactin, which is a little pricey ($15/bottle), but I love it! A little goes a long way and it's not greasy at all. I can put it on after showering at night and have my skin still feel moist in the morning.

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hey! my name is brandi (also spelled with an I) and my fiances name is chris lol sorry just thought it was neat... but i am very picky with my lotion and i really like the hemp brand lotion. they also have a cucumber one and a pomagrante one but i like the original. its light, not greasy, and doesnt leave a weird smell. you can get it at ulta or some tanning places have it because it is also a good after sun moisterizer as well.

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I don't use nothing but Olay quench, best lotion I've ever used, and I don't even need to wear perfume, smells great and I use their body wash too, very good.

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My fave are the St. Ives lotions. They're now made without parabens and phthalates and there are quite a few types to choose from. Right now I use the oatmeal and shea butter since my skin has been oddly dry lately (dry in this humidity....so weird)

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i use triple moisture body cream from bath & body works.

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There is a great one that I use... it is by Dial Nutriskin. And it is only like $4 at the grocery store.


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African Shea Butter from Avon is amazing...and it smell so good

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I had the same recommendation as Sharon, Olay Quench is a good lotion and smells really good also!

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Olay for just plain and VS Aloh

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My vote is for Jergens! I love it! :)
Plus they have the "gradual tan" lotion.. which is pretty awesome.

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Thanks everyone, I will check some of them out.
@ Brandi...that's crazy...same names. I actually used to use the hemp lotion when I use to go tanning. I had forgotten about that stuff. I may be going back to get a bottle. Thanks a bunch =)

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Neutrogena Norwegian Formular is THE BEST lotion and cream brand I've found. It's lightly scented (some are non-scented) and the lotion is very light. It's also the best lotion as far as moisturizing is concerned that I've found. I used to have hands that dried out so badly in the winter they would crack and even bleed. This stuff I can use all year long and my hands don't get dried out anymore! I don't use anything else. :) The cream is a little thicker but not greasy... just takes a few minutes to "set in" so I usually only use it at night.

For example,

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I recently started using Neutrogena Light Sesame - Love it

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i use bath and body works they smell good and are not heavy ....
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