NWR: What a difference a new bra makes!
So today I went shopping with my mom, and we stopped by VS, and tried on some bra's. I got sized, and the lady immediately said I was wearing a wrong size bra, after sizing me she said I was 34DD. I came in with 36D, and 34DD was snug, so she gave me 36DD to try, and that fit me much better! The bra holds the girls much better, and I'm loving the way it looks with clothes on. The only thing is I gotta get used to the straps, as now I can feel the bewbs and how heavy they are. But it is a cute bra!

They say 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bras, and I am so glad I stopped to get it checked. Any other DD girls out there? Where do you normally shop? What kind of bras do you get?

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When I had DDs I used to shop at VS! They're pricy but worth it! I also find decent stuff at Kohls believe it or not!

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Oh the right bra makes a HUGE difference!

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Yeah when I was blessed I shopped at VS also, the bra last a long while as long as you don't dry them

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I was always wearing 38D, I went to a specialized bra store and got sized. Boy was I wrong, turns out I'm a 36FF!! I couldn't afford to buy one of them there because most were $100, but eventually I will. I've since been hunting for good 36DD's that are bigger than most DD to tide me over until I can get one. I prefer molded cup bras, but since I was sized, I've been buying the boxed fabric bras just because they give me a little more room. I wish there was a chain store for lingerie for bigger chested women such as myself in my area. The only lingerie store around here is La Senza, their biggest size is DD, but it tends to run small and they aren't the best quality. Other than that, there are a couple department stores with bra sections, but there are slim pickings for anyone over a C/D. :( I may see if there are any in one of the plus size stores though, I haven't set foot in one even though I'm a 16, it is kind of a mental thing...

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I must admit I probably wear the wrong size as I've never been sized but I'm too scared to go get measured... I guess I should suck it up and do it sometime. I'm sure FS would appreciate it lol

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I got measured at an upscale lingerie shop just before the wedding, wearing a 36D. She measured me, brought me a bra and said don't look at the size, just try it on. It fit PERFECTLY! It was a 32F. Seriously!

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A well fitted bra really does make a huge difference. I freaked out the last time I was measured at VS.. I got measured as a 36DD too. I feel like their sizing runs large--- does anyone else think so? I don't really care for VS bras. They are so expensive and the underwires always seem to poke out after just a few months- even when I just lay them flat to dry. Drives me crazy. Now I buy them at Target--- $14.99, their D's fit perfectly, and they last for a long time. :)

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When I went in to get sized, I got lucky and had the right size on. Over the years, my size went from a 38D to a 34B. 4 kids deflated the girls! What I thought was out there, was the sales lady wanted me to try a push-up bra. The reason why it is crazy is because when I try on a new bra, if it is "full cup coverage" I better not have fall out. So I gyrated all over the place, flipping my chest up and down for the fall out test. The full cup bras at VS have been the only ones that ever passed that test--just wished I had more of them! Do you do a fall out test when you bra shop or is that just me? The wrong cup size can sure cause fall out to happen too.

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Yeah, that happened to me too... was wearing a 36DDD/E for YEARS. Finally got sized properly about seven months ago... 34H. Now I have almost zero stores where I can buy bras because that's such a difficult size. I tried ordering on-line, but those never fit the way my expensive perfect bra did. Biting the bullet and going to buy a second one from the expensive store tomorrow... sigh...

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Wow ladies, some of us have huge difference after being sized correctly.

@Riyukku- Go get sized girl, you'll be happy you did. A good support is important, and I can totally feel the difference!

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@Jlam- Thanks for letting me know about Target, I'll check their bra's out too. :)

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Oh yea, I thought my breast size was 34DD, recently I was measured at VS and it is 34DDD I was like holy moley! I hate my breasts especially I am 4'11 with a very tiny body.

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I often buy the wrong size bra, and i don't know which size bra fit me best, moreover, i have never tried them on, because i think it is so messy.

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I've been sized at VS too but they got it too big Im a 34 DD and I think they put me in a 36DD that is way too loose for me and it rides up in VS brand. I don't really shop there because they are expensive and their bras dont last in good condition that long really at least not for myself and I used to buy from them alot I would get their secret embrace bra . I buy alot of fredericks of hollywood my favorite is their X bra they come in so many colors and patterns and they are very comfy and sturdy for me but I do need a 36 DD in theirs the cups on the 34 are way smaller . And target cotton bras are kool too like 16 bucks but its still really hard to find my size there not sure what brand I buy but they are simple and comfy

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UPDATE: Been having issues with this bra. The wire has started to dig little into the sides, leaving me with red bruises. I don't know what to do, should I return it? :(

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Just a side note to this post..I work at JCPenney and you can get a bra fit anytime. You might want to call to make an appointment so they know you are coming. But all our gals that work in the lingerie dept are "Bra Certified". I never even knew it was possible to get trained to measure...but it's true. Anyways...I just thought I would let y'all know if you are thinking about getting fit for the right size.

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@Jazz..YES return it.....or at least exchange it incase that one is a defective one (it does happen from time to time, even with bras). But you spent good money on it..not to have it sit in your drawer or never used. They should stand by their product and either offer to exchange it or issue you a refund. Good Luck.

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I was measured at VS about 3 years ago and they told me I was a 36A. I didn't believe them, but they had the tape, right? They must know what they're doing. My boobs continuously fell out of the cups and the band hurt, ect. I did some googling and did it myself - 36D! That's a big difference! Now my boobs don't feel like rocks under my chin (they were pushed pretty high up!).

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Thanks May2010Bride, that's good to know about JC Penney!

I think I'm going to see if they will let me exchange it for something more comfortable.

@wowjunkie- That's crazy! A and D is a HUGE difference!

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I'm pretty sure if I got sized I'd be a 32A...so i'll stick with my 34B's happily, without getting sized :)
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