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Ugh!!! The wedding is getting so close, and now the stupidest thing has made me feel all stressed out and panicky! My DVR hasn't recorded anything the last couple of days and there are a couple of shows I was really looking forward to watching!! Now to watch them online I have to wait another week, and hope the DVR works next week! The only reason we have Uverse is for the DVR, so it just makes me want to cancel our service! I know, over reaction, but what's a girl to do. =(

Married: 05/19/2012
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awww I hope it starts working soon!

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haha, one of my friends was complaining about DVR not too long ago. I'll tell you what I told her- Just remember the old days when we used to have to wait for the station to replay the episode at the end of the season! :P

I know when you're already stressed, even the small things can seem like a lot, but remember that it's just TV. Use that time you were going to spend watching TV for wedding planning or exercising or taking a long, hot bath.... It'll be okay. :)

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Until I got DVR, I didn't think cable was worth the money, cause I've never been home when the good shows are on. FH doesn't watch much TV and the cable is expensive, so he's wanted to cancel a few times... And it's at the end of the season!!! I'm going to wind up paying $3/episode to watch each of these shows on amazon cause that's how badly I want to see them!! Of course I may discover it's cheaper just to cancel the cable and watch the stuff on amazon, it may wind up cheaper.

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Oh jeez, and you don't have any friends that watch those shows too that might have DVRd them? I have my TV on ALL the time, but I don't really watch anything religiously so I've never felt the need for a DVR. It's more of a background noise for me while I do other stuff, so I guess I can't relate. :/

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I do have one friend that might have them, but our schedules are so different and all my free time that normal people are awake during will be taken up by wedding stuff since the wedding is next week. It's much easier to just pay the $10 to see everything...

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Can you go on Hulu or the tv show's website to watch for free?

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I have Uverse as well...last Friday -- all of my recorded shows disappeared. I was so pissed. Love my tv time. Its my break from work, planning and all the other stressed of the world. I feel your pain!

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Hahaha! Rebecca, you're my date twin, and I just had a moment like that last night!
I laid down in bed and something made me think of my parents old dog who passed away a couple of years ago. I started crying!...over a dog that's been dead for almost 2 years. There have been tons of pets in my life, many of which have passed away. I thought it was quite crazy that I got that emotional, out of the blue, about an old pet. It looks like emotions are starting to take over our lives!

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Hulu doesn't have the shows until after 8 days or so and I wanted to watch them now!! Well, I figured out the cost and realized we would be saving money anyways if I just paid to watch what I want to see vs. paying for cable. So I let FH cancel the cable today, which made him every happy because he's been wanting to do it for awhile. It's his amazon account I'll be watching stuff through, so he'll still be paying for my tv. ;)

What do you still have left to do Future Mrs. X? I don't really have anything to do but clean my apartment for everyone that's going to be crashing at our place next thursday, so it was crazy to me that I got so emotional!

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I'm not sure how much amazon is but I know FH and I just use Hulu plus and we only pay $8 a month and shows are on there a day or 2 later

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Hmmm, I might go with hulu plus then.
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