NWR- prayers please-UPDATE IN COMMENTS!
I try to keep my posts lighthearted and not too personalized, but we could really use some prayers this week and we don't want to tell all of our friends and family what is going on yet so I thought I'd put the prayer request out here :) FH is in a doctorate program and really long story short, he may be booted out this week. Again, really long story and oh so many reasons this is not fair and the school is not justified in their actions, but it's just too much to explain. It is the fact that he has worked so hard for so long and he truly loves this profession and is SO good at it. I could care less what he does for a living, as long as he's happy. And if he does not get through this school, he isn't going to be happy and that is the devastating part. So, if you can send him/us some prayers or good thoughts, they'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks ladies!

Maggie N
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Praying for you and him. All you both can do is keep your heads up and wish for everything to work out. Everything happens for a reason and something even better may be on its way.

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you got 'em!!!

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I really sucks to deal with bad news but there is always a blessing around the corner.

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I'm sorry! Of course you and FH will be in my thoughts and prayers! Hope everything works out...I am looking at grad schools now and thats my worst nightmare. Please check ur PM Im about to send you one.

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Seconding prayers your way. There should an appeal process if you guys think that his being kicked out is unfair. Almost every school has 1

Maggie N
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Thanks everyone! There is an appeal process which we will be going through this week. I sure hope it works :(

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Sending up prayers!!! So it is asked in Jesus Name, So it is DONE in Jesus Name.

Maggie N
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UPDATE ON THIS! So FH has said all along that he thinks a lot of his problem with school is test anxiety and written tests- he just CANNOT do them. But as a lot of teachers and parents, no one really paid attention and he just kept failing written tests. ONE TEACHER JUST CHANGED EVERYTHING! She offered to give him an exam orally instead of the written exam and he just called to say he made an A!!! I wish I could highlight, bold, large font that!!! AN A!!! On a test that he previously failed! The teach said, "Wow, you really did know this stuff all along, didn't you?!" and she emailed the head of the review board to tell them that he is telling the truth, he DOES know the material and she has offered to help coach him through his last year of tests so he can be better prepared for boards next year. HOORAY and thank you, Lord, for sending that one teacher to help him out!!!!!!

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Congrats Maggie to you and your FH. I know all about test anxiety. I have the same issue I went through in my graduate program. I graduated last year with my Masters in Professional Counseling with the help of many professors given me my exam orally instead of written.

* Gin
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That's great news! I also have test anxiety & didn't notice it until I was an adult. I wish someone would have talked to me about this when I was a child/teen in school. I really hope the board overturns their ruling & praise that wonderful teacher!
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