NWR - My brother broke his back
Hi ladies - I need all the comfort and prayers I can get. My grandma called asking if I had been on facebook today.. I had, but not to see the post that she was apparently referring to.

My brother (21 yo) broke his back riding his fourwheeler. All I know is that he has two broken vertebrae and he's being medi-vac'd to the closest large hospital. I hate the feeling of helplessness.

What a great bday present...

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Kimi K
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May 05, 2012 at 8:41 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
This is terrible news, I'm so sorry to hear. Keep us updated on his condition.

I'll keep your families in my prayers this evening.

Married: 10/06/2012
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May 05, 2012 at 8:47 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
I am sooo sorry to hear this! Please keep us updated. You will be in my thoughts!

Andrea Ank.
Married: 04/07/2012
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May 05, 2012 at 9:00 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
I hope that he is ok! I will keep him in my prayers!

Nicole S. (formerly Nicole C)
Married: 10/13/2013
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May 05, 2012 at 9:12 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
I am so sorry! I will keep your family in my prayers, hang in there!

Married: 08/03/2012
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May 05, 2012 at 9:13 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
Prayers to him and your family! Keep us updated!

Married: 09/15/2012
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May 05, 2012 at 9:29 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
Aww Merfy Lou, that's awful. My brother broke his back too several years ago and made a complete recovery so keep a good thought. He and you are in my prayers.

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May 05, 2012 at 9:32 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
Thanks ladies - I just got off the phone with my dad, who just got off the phone with the nurse. He will not require surgery, but will be in the hospital until at least Monday. And will likely be in a brace for awhile. Everything appears to be functional right now.

Mostly just scared the crap out of me (like he always does).

Married: 08/18/2012
May 05, 2012 at 9:32 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
Omg!!!! so sorry to hear, sending prayers.

Future Mrs.
Married: 09/08/2012
May 05, 2012 at 9:36 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
Wow, I am so sorry, that is terrible news. You, your brother and your family will certainly be in my prayers tonight!

Married: 07/07/2012
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May 05, 2012 at 10:07 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
You have my prayers.

Married: 09/15/2012
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May 05, 2012 at 10:42 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
Merfy that is exactly what my brother had to do. He had physical therapy and rehab therapy and moved pretty quickly from a brace to a walker and then after six weeks was pretty much back to normal. Glad it wasn't anything more serious and that he is going to be ok.

Married: 07/06/2014
May 05, 2012 at 10:43 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
So sad to hear this, your family is in my prayers! That goodness it wasn't more serious!

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May 05, 2012 at 10:52 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
Your family is in my prayers! :( So sorry to hear this!!

Married: 01/05/2012
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May 06, 2012 at 12:43 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
ok... first... HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)))
Second, glad he's okay.. at least this way he'll live and heal well enough so you can kick his ass after recovery! ;D A very belated bday present to you!

Married: 06/16/2012
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May 06, 2012 at 12:56 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
So sorry to hear about your brother. Glad that it wasn't as serious as it could've been. 4 Wheelers are SO dangerous! Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Married: 07/01/2012
May 06, 2012 at 1:16 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
Happy Birthday first. Second I will pray for your brother. Sounds like alot of recovery time will be involved.

Gonna B Mrs. B
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May 06, 2012 at 1:19 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
Sending you and the family some positive thoughts and prayers.
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