NWR - Loseit.com VS Sparkpeople.com
I've been on Loseit.com for a few days now. While I like it, I dont at the same time. It's only tracking calories. I came to the realization yesterday under that theory, I should be drinking soda (Pepsi 8oz 100 calories) instead of drinking 100% Grape Juice (8oz = 170 calories)

SOOO, I joined Sparkpeople.com last night. Maybe its just the short time I've been on, but its not making a lot of sense to me. It looks to confusing to find anything.

Ladies, tell me what you think of each of these sites.

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Well I don't use either one (though I did sign up for Loseit to see if I liked it better than myfitnesspal.com. I don't. I like myfitnesspal because you can track more "exercises" such as cleaning the house, moving furniture, shoveling snow, etc. With LoseIt, It seemed like they only had basic exercises and sports, but not any of the day-to-day exercises that get your blood moving but don't really count as exercising. If you decide to join MyFitnessPal, add me: slcape2001

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Oops... I think it needs to be my email address which is slcape2001@yahoo.com

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I use caloriecount.about.com ... it's awesome! and they now have aps for iphone and blackberry and within the next few months android. It think it's pretty easy to do and VERY comprehensive. :D

Also for it (rather than add all the exercises manually) you can set you average daily level of activity... so I am say that I am moderately active since I work out 4 -6 days a week intensely for 1 hour and try to get up and move through out the day (trying to get in 10000 steps a day ... usually more like 7000).

Otherwise you can set your burn rate (level of activity) to sedentary and add the activities manually.

Hope that helps. :D

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I'm with JadeKat! I use caloriecount.about.com!!! I love it a lot. I've used it in the past and it doesn't help me loose weight.

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I am really liking Loseit.com. I don't know anything about Spark People, except many girls here are on it as well.

Shannon- it does track stuff like housecleaning and household walking. Heck, it even counts "sexual activity, either general or vigorous."

But find what works for you!

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Thanks for the thread, I'm eager to see feedback..I've been thinking whether or not to join loseit or spark..yes, I was on spark just looking at the front page and it seemed very confusing, although more thorough than loseit..hmmm :-)

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Shannon - ok, I'm gonna try Myfitnesspal. I've sent you a request.

Right off the bat, its got me consuming a lot less calories than Loseit.com. So, we'll see how I like it.

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Maghan - I'm still on Loseit too.... I went it to add "sexual activity" and it gave me no calories lost.

What little bit I've been on myfitnesspal, I'm seeing that it also tracks your carbs, fat and protein.

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I love sparkpeople. It took me about an hour of really playing with it to realize how to use it but now I LOVE it! I have only been on it for two weeks but it's definitely helping. Is there anything in particular you need help figuring out?

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Once I figured it out I loved sparkpeople. Join a challenge and become part of the community. It helps to keep you countable. I reached my goal and left. But overall it really helped.

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I'm on loseit and love it. For me it's more about using it as a general guide to see progress. I was on fitday.com before. That was reccomended by a nutritionist. The site was great at monitoring everything but not as fun so I lost interest quickly. I plan to stick with loseit. I don't need to have exact numbers so long as the number on the scale keeps going down.
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