I am so confused about picking my colors - gosh I didn't know it was going to be this hard. My engagement party was gold & red - so I know for a fact that I don't want that.
PLEASE COME TO MY RESCUE.... send me pictures if possible.
I will have 300 or more guest - I don't even know what colors my bridesmaid dresses should be. Since it's a NOV wedding - I was thinking of fall colors but I don't want my decorations to look like thanksgiving dinner lol with all that orange... Plum colors are somewhat calling my name lol

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take a deep breath. you have while before you need need your colors set in stone. heck, you don't even have to have an exact color plan if you don't want it.

plum colors would look lovely in November.

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You said above that your engagement party colors were red & gold, and want those, so it sounds like you've already chosen your colors...are you looking for more colors to use?

Like Merfy Lou said - you have PLENTY of time.

Hayley C™
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Do you have your venue booked yet? Don't make colors set in stone until you have your locations booked. You will want your colors to match the mood/atmosphere/color scheme of your venue.

Also, what is your favorite flower? What would you like your girls to carry? Do you like the flowers to be almost the same color of the dresses, or do you like them to be a different color and Pop? You need to consider flowers too when thinking of colors because only certain ones are in season.

Hayley C™
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Take a look at this site for some ideas. They have some really great color combos to consider.

And you could always take Martha Steward's quiz to get ideas for colors and Mood that you want to go for.

Here is a color wheel site.

You can slide the little dot around to pick your first color. Then pick what type of color combination you want. You can move those dots around too.

Mono- different shades of the same color.
Analogic - colors that are next to each other on the color wheel
Complements - colors oposite on color wheel - give the most contrast
Triad - three colors spaced an equal distance apart
Tetrads: color harmonies 4 colors

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I don't want red and gold - sorry I will need to change what I wrote.
Yes I have both of my venues booked already that's why I am so worrying about colors. you are right may be I am just stressing too early!
I don't have a favorite flower - I am not even sure what I would want

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I was going to say purple too...

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you have plenty of time.

There is another post here about paint chips, GO to your nearest hardware store paint department and grab the first 5-10 paint chips that catch your attention (be sure to grab white/ivory/champagne/whatever dress color you want!) Take the chips home and play around with them until you narrow down to 2-3 colors-- and there you go!

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OMG i love Mrs.Monster2be's suggestion. That's so different. I hadn't seen the purple and orange but it looks very November to me! :D

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Brown and Orange
Brown and Green
Brown and Teal

You really dont have to stick to seasonal colors do what you want

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I really like Hayley C's recommended color website

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Navy Blue and Fushia!

Rachel W.
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If you really like plum, go with it. For an accent - something different - how about plum and baby blue? Or plum, gold and ivory?

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a year away, seriously?
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