november colors
I am looking for colors for a November wedding-seems easy but my fiancé doesn't like red or orange. any suggestions

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Do whatever you like! There are no rules anymore. But I think 2 great color combinations that are very popular for weddings right now that would be good for a fall wedding would be Deep Chocolate brown with either pink or tiffany blue.

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terracotta, yellow, brown, orange, do whatever u want. its your wedding

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Brown is always a good base. You can add Yellow, Teal, pink, bright blue or purple. Some greens can look good to.

InStyle Event Company

InStyle Event Company
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A deep blue and a nice gold green are really pretty...if you can't picture it you can go to my page and and there are some pics. You might be presently surprised and they are deeper colors that fall into your fall wedding. Good luck!

Happy Planning,

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Our wedding is this November and our colors are Sapphire Blue and Ivory....They are very classy looking together especially if its an evening wedding :)
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I agree that you can do as you wish. Just because it is November doesn't restrict the colors you can use. I always suggest using colors you both like, because those are usually the colors that make you look good. If you want a fall feeling, choose deep, saturated colors. Pastels are more spring-like and bright colors are more summer and winter. Any combination of colors you like and that make you happy will be appropriate.

Best of luck!

Lisa Gordon

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I am getting married 11/20/09 and our colors are Mocha and Burnt Orange with Gold and Cream Accents. The tables will have mocha table clothes w/ cream napkins. All the flowers will be fall colors. The girls are wearing Mocha dresses. I think it is beautiful.

I think you can match Mocha up with a number of colors. Pink, Tiffany Blue, Green, Gold, Cream, Cranberry, it goes on and on.

Good Luck!

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