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I have been searching for wedding songs and some of the ones that I like are not your typical wedding song. For instance, I really love "Something Beautiful" by the News Boys. I want to use though I am not sure how. Also, our first song will be "Gotta Be Somebody" by Nickelback. It is not exactly a slow song though the lyrics are exactly what we thought in the days before we met. Also, I am not sur what song I want to walk down the aisle to though I know for sure that I don't want the traditional song. I want something meaningful to me, my fiance' and our families. I am also honoring my Matron of Honor who has worked so hard by choosing a Bon Jovi song for her to walk down the aisle to. I am just not sure which one would be the most appropriate.

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Are you having a DJ for the wedding? They are a great asset for the music and timing. Make sure you get a professional one and they should be able to help you with ideas. We're mixing some traditional and some that are special to us. A great song I think is the 'plain white t's' song is 1 2 3 4. good luck

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I would say make a list of the songs that you possibly want in your wedding. Then talk it over with your fiance and together you two should decide what songs to use. After all, you can play whatever song you want because it's your wedding... I am not using traditional songs either... My fiance and I love country songs, our songs well country ones... :)

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I'm a Dye Hard Bon Jovi fan and using a lot of their music in our Vow Renewal honestly. You Want to Make a Memory is a great song for coming down the isle. My Hubby's and my wedding song is Thank You For Loving Me.

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to correct my spelling for dye die* sorry I noticed that. If you need any other Bon Jovi suggestions please feel free to ask. I can listen to their music non-stop. We're not having traditional music either, but really use what has meaning to you. But I love the Bon Jovi idea.
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Becuase you want something that is "special" and has meaning for you, you're the best person to make that call. I would suggest you start by making a list of ALL the songs that mean something to you or have special meaning. (I LOVE using Gotta Be Somebody by Nickelback as your First Dance song!!!). Then, after you've made your list, start eliminating little by little until you find what you want.

Another idea is the Vitamin String Quartet. They have done MANY arrangements by popular artists (U2, Beatles, etc) and made them instrumental and VERY pretty!

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I wish we could edit our posts! I wanted to also add that you can listen to a few "special" songs that a lot of people have used for walking down the aisle to (they are listed as First Dance songs, but have also been used for ceremonies):


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"You Make Everything Glorious" by Chris Tomlin?

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I thought of another song that might work for you since you mentioned Nickelback as your First Dance Song, however this is a personal choice from couple to couple, but I thought of a song that is Santana with Chad Kroeger (the lead singer of Nickelback)'s "Why Don't You And I". There are some slow parts and some faster, but it's such a romantic song for it being a calaboration of Santana and a member of Nickelback.
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I have a mother son wedding song & also a father daughter wedding song that are both original songs. You can check out the lyrics & listen to the sound tracks on my site.

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Hi there
I have found the perfect wedding song for my ceremony.

This is the only song that I could find that has meaningful and relevant lyrics. Give it a go!

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