Not having sisters as bridesmaids?
My husband-to-be does not have a large number of guy friends to pull from. Using his two brothers, his best friend, and two of my brothers, there are only five gentlemen standing up with him. I have four sisters. I also have a large number of very close friends (closer than my sisters in some cases) of whom I had a long time past discussed them being in my wedding if I were engaged.

I do love my sisters. However, three of my sisters don't care about being bridesmaids (they understand my dilemma). However, my older sister cared enough (although she has been a bridesmaid once before for our older brother's wedding while none of the rest of us have ever been in a wedding) to be bitter about it when I was discussing the possibility of her not being a bridesmaid on the phone. My parents support my decision to not have my sisters be bridesmaids, but I'm still struggling with the choice. I'm being bullied by my sister emotionally and I don't appreciate it. Any insight would be helpful.

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This is a somewhat sticky topic. That said, my sister wasn't my MoH and that was the right decision. We're somewhat but not really close. My DH had his brother as his best man, and that was the single, ONLY thing we would change about the whole wedding. The story is too long, but suffice it to say it was a mistake. So if we were to do it again, we would definitely choose someone he's close to. Ultimately, people standing up for you should be those close to you.

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Are you concerned about the numbers being even with bridesmaids and groomsmen? I'm in a similar situation as you, as my FH doesn't have a lot of of guys (3 groomsmen and a BM) and i have 3 sisters and a large amount of close friends. It totals being 8 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen. As much as I would love it to be an even count, it doesn't look like it's possible. My point is, maybe adding 1 more (your sister) won't make a huge difference. Sometimes it's easier to give in then to cause any drifts for such an important day, especially between siblings. (Although i don't agree with her bullying you about it)

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ummm I would keep out all the sisters if you are not that close she will be okay its not her wedding anyway......I have 3 sisters myself but we have this understanding that when anyone of us get engaged we are all in it no matter what family always first but we are close well 1 i can live without but i still am putting her in my wedding

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It's not that I'm not close with my sisters. I am. I am also close with a lot of my girlfriends and including all four of my sisters excludes almost all of my friends, save one.
I had thought of doing lopsided numbers, but my mom is against that as well as having my sisters as bridesmaids because they will be included in different ways. Darrrr... the situation is non-ideal.
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Only you can really decide what is best for you. That said, I would have your sisters as bridesmaids. Especially if your brothers are standing up with FH. I can see your sisters feeling hurt that your brothers are included and not them. Your sisters will always be a part of your life, while friendships may fade.

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I would include the one sister that wants to be a BM, not worth the drama it will causes excluding her. If the other 3 sisters don't care about being a BM include them in other ways such as being a reader.

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Your sisters will be in your life forever. Your friends may not.

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I am not close with either of my sisters either and i find it easier to get along with guys than I do girls so my maid of honor is going to be a guy and then I am only having one other brides maid but to make up to my family that I am not having them as bm I am including them in other ways like special guests and such :) you could kill the drama of being a bm and let her be a special guest.

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I have 3 sisters, 2 of whom i live with and the other is like the black sheep of the family and has 2 kids. The 2 sisters that live with me are in my bridal party, one a matron of honor and the other a bridesmaid. My sister with the kids was just in my other sisters wedding this past summer and complained about how much everything cost! Than she said how she was just in the wedding for show. So i sent her a text seeing if she even wanted to be a bridesmaid, she told me no rudely and i carried on about my day. She than complained to my mom about it which turned into more drama. However now to get back at me my sister got pregnant and is due August 24th, Yes 6 DAYS after my wedding.

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Good Luck Im in a very close situation :(
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