Non-traditional wedding march???
I have always said I wanted something unique instead of the traditional wedding march. I am getting married outdoors and my stepbrother is going to play acoustic guitar during everyone's entrance. does anyone have any ideas for some instrumentals that he can do to be a little different but still elegant and beautiful? thanks!

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I was going to walk to the guitar part of Led Zeppelin "The way it is". It's not a great "wedding song" (the words are kind of sad), but the guitar is beautiful. I'm going to walk to the Vitamin String Quartet cover of "Wonderful Tonight" (Eric Clapton).
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Do you want to go with something modern or another classical piece?

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our best man is recording his version of jonathan cains(from journey) bridal march! i am sooooooooo excited!


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I would select a song that is meaningful to you & your fiance & have your brother play that. I've had clients choose anything from "Redneck Woman" (the groom cried, he was so touched) to classical "MidSummer Night's Dream" As long as you can walk and a reasonably slow pace & its not distracting, it whould be fine.

Let us know what you pick!

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I am torn between classical and modern. I originally said modern, but the more searching I do, the more I find classical pieces I love! I had actually mentioned to my brother about writing his own piece (he is extremely talented) that way it would be original and special to us.
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I will dig out my wedding CD. A musician friend of mine selected the pieces including wedding march. I don't recall the name. :(

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@sueshe wonderful tonight is my FH and i song

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My cousin is playing the guitar for our ceremony. :) We don't have any ceremony music picked out yet, either. I might ride the coat-tails of this post ;)

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Just talked to my brother and my and FH "song" is Existentialism on Prom Night by Straylight Run and he thinks he can manipulate it a bit to slow it down and play it acoustic...hopefully it works out because I think that would be amazing!!!

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I don't know if he can play it, but what about unique instruments like the Sitar? That would def be a conversation starter!

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..this is my plan, my FH is a singer in a local band, and we are planning to have HIM sing to me ("You are so Beautiful") as I am escorted down by his grandfather.

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I walked out to a piano instrumental version of "I Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum. My groom walked out to a Josh Turner song I love, and we walked away as husband and wife to another Josh Turner song "Would You Go With Me."
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